Barack Obama: We don’t have time to destroy this fake right-wing culture in war Video

Former President Barack Obama was stumped Saturday evening in New Jersey for Governor Phil Murphy, who is preparing for re-election next month:

Former President Barack Obama: This is a critical time and we need serious people. We have a lot to do to go backwards. Here we are trying to recover from a global epidemic that has killed more than 700,000 Americans, leaving millions on the brink of loss. We don’t have time to ruin the fake culture war or fake rage that the right-wing media is running to juice your ratings.

We should build on the progress we have made, not break it. This is not the case with this election. That’s why – not what you need, jersey.

So instead of forcing schools to back down, we should do more to support the people who teach our children.

Instead of telling middle-class families to bear more of the burden, we should say that those who are fortunate enough in this economy are doing better than ever to pay their fair share of taxes.

Instead of spreading misinformation or confusion about the last election, we should try to strengthen democracy, encourage people to vote. We are at a turning point right now, here in America and around the world. There’s a mood, we see it. There is politics of futility, division and conflict, tribalism and slander.

And, you know, we can go that way, but I’ll tell you, it’s the way of destruction. The good news is, there is another way. One where we pull together, one where we solve big problems together. One where we rebuild our society in a way that gives a greater number of people a better life. That’s the choice we face. I believe that a choice will define the next few decades, not just the next few years. It will determine what happens to our children and to us and to our grandchildren …

You know, and I’m sure Phil thinks like me. You know, it makes you wonder what kind of world we’re taking to them? The point of being a parent is that there are two clich যাs that are absolutely true. A man, they grow up fast. And the other clich যা that is absolutely true is that you can do something for them. Whatever you do to make their lives better. You will leave everything for them.

You jump – you jump in front of a freight train, you wrestle a bear for your kids. So right now, we’re helping to determine what kind of democracy they’re going to inherit. What kind of planet are they going to inherit? What kind of economy are they going to inherit? What are we leaving for them? It’s our choice.

And I’m here today, because I believe New Jersey, you’ll make the right choice.

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