Bank robbers kidnap branch workers, steal cking 100,000 and return home with tracking devices

After going to the branch employees’ homes with tracking devices, Memphis steals more than ০০ 100,000 from a bank team, then kidnaps them and forces them to work again to open the safe.

Travis Jackson (37), Antonio Johnson (44) and Shalundra Johnson (,) were convicted of three such robberies by a federal jury in June. On Monday, Jackson was sentenced to 45 years in prison, Antonio Johnson to 36 years and Shalundra Johnson to 11 years.

The messages left by the lawyers for the three accused were not immediately returned. Representatives of the targeted banks did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Prosecutors say the robbery began in the early hours of September 1, 201, when an employee of Trustmark Bank returned home from his second job and was confronted by a man with a pistol. He then forced her into a jeep where she was tied up and taken to the bank, where the robbers fled with 73 73,000.

Investigators say Jackson’s DNA was later recovered from a jeep tie used to tie the woman.

Three months later, prosecutors said the band used a tracking device to take a First Tennessee Bank employee to his home where he was attacked by a masked man with a gun. He then forcibly took her to his car where he was tied up in a jeep and taken to the branch. In that robbery, prosecutors said $ 110,435 was taken.

Jackson’s DNA was again found in the zip-tie that was used to tie the woman and others went to the scene, and cell phone records kept her and Antonio Johnson at the bank and at the woman’s home, investigators said.

Then in April 2019, prosecutors say the group struck again, using a tracking device from Shalundra Johnson to track down an employee of First South Financial Credit Union at his home. According to court documents, the armed men then forced their way, tied the jeep in the woman’s hand and demanded the bank key.

Investigators said the gang then took the woman and her 3-year-old child to the bank where they stole 42 425,000. Cell phone records, information obtained from tracking devices and evidence recovered from the defendants’ homes have been linked to their crimes, prosecutors said.

“These sentences will send a clear message that the FBI and our law enforcement partners prioritize bringing to justice those who commit bank robberies and kidnappings,” said Douglas Kornesky of the FBI’s Memphis Division. “Violent crimes will not be tolerated.”

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