Balenciaga joins Fortnite in Metavers

When Kim Kardashian appeared at the Met Gala last Monday night in a black gown from Balenciaga, she inspired a number of memes and comparisons যেমন as Twitter users noted, A match with an unlocked character in a video game, Inaccessible and covered in gray until a player reaches a certain level.

Now, at least theoretically, the connection between Balenciaga and video games is completely unlocked. On Monday, French luxury home and epic Games, the developer behind Fortnite, announced a collaboration that brings the brand’s clothing and signature to the game. This has started an ambitious push in fashion for Fortnite, and the partnership includes several elements from both inside and outside of the game, mainly a “fit set” that shows four favorite Fortnite characters from the previous Belenciaga collection with Dog Belenciaga X Fortnite hoodies. Kara was hanging over her head and a pair of the brand’s future Cat-Eye sunglasses, for example, and Knight in Armor Boots from the Fall 2021 collection. (Examining the bizarre rendering of appearances, it’s hard to imagine that designer Demna Gavasalia doesn’t think of these virtual characters as much as the flesh and blood of Earth, like the Kardashians and Beavers.)

Four fans favorite character dressed in Balenciaga.Courtesy of Epic Games.

“Our partnership with Epic didn’t actually start with Fortnite,” Balenciaga artistic director Demna Gavasalia said in a statement. “It started with our first video game, Afterworld, which we created to start our Fall 2021 collection using Unreal Engine. From there, we continue to be inspired by the creativity of the Unreal and Fortnite community. , We have further collaborated by creating this true Balenciaga Fortnite and a new physical Fortnite clothing series for our stores.

That history has made Balenciaga a natural choice for Epic’s first luxury fashion collaboration; The company has previously partnered with brands like Nike. Emily Levy, head of the Epic Games Partnership, explained, “We’re very inspired by how Balenciaga is so inclined to push the boundaries of technology in fashion, innovation in fashion.” Levy quickly mentioned that the game already has a natural home of fashion. This year is the year of the “Creator Economy”, everyone from Facebook to Snapchat has announced initiatives to encourage their users to monetize content and Fortnight is starting to emphasize the gaming community instead of the single Battle Royal mode.

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