AZ State Representative Mark Finkem: Audit Pima County petition reaches 20K – “We need 500K signatures”

Arizona State Representative Mark Finkem has demanded a full forensic audit of the 2020 election in Pima County, Arizona.

Mark Finchem is running for Arizona Secretary of State to restore the integrity of the election but has no time to waste.

President Trump has officially backed Mark Finkem and his “incredibly strong stance on massive voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election scandal.”

Gateway pundit Mark Finchem reported in the latest press release, calling for a response in Pima County.

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EXCLUSIVE: Representative Mark Finchem issues press release calling for election audit in Pima County, Arizona

The explosive Arizona audit report revealed several thousand potentially invalid votes, and the Pima County report alleged that 35,000 fake votes were erted in the Pima County election.

Arizona State Representative Mark Finkem doubled down on the call for decriminalization and announced his application for an audit of Pima County.

Today, Rep. Mark Finchem set a target of 500,000 signatures to audit Pima County.

Finchem: We now have 20k signatures #AuditPimaCounty. We need 500,000 signatures. Can you make us 50,000 this weekend? Democrats are appalled by the Pima County audit. Symbol:

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers’ petition to ban the fraudulent 2020 election has already reached more than a million signatures.

If you would like to see a full forensic audit in Pima County, sign this petition now.

This is a nationwide application.

Sign the petition here!

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