Axelar Cosmostation ry expands its cross-chain liquidity network by partnering with CryptoNinjas

Accelerator, a decentralized inter-operability network connecting blackchain ecosystems, applications and users, today announced a new partnership between Cosmostation, an application provider and Genesis Validator node operator and application developers in the cosmos ecosystem.

Through this partnership, Cosmostation Accelerator will act as a top-level verifier for securing the network and for the network. Cosmostation will also support Axelar in Cosmostation Mobile, Cosmostation Web Wallet, Keystation, and Mintscan Block Explorer.

“We are thrilled to welcome Cosmostation as the official validator partner, as we believe that their history and involvement with the Cosmos ecosystem is a great asset to both the Accelerator network and the end users. The philosophy of cosmostation and the implementation of their technology is impressive to this day, making them an ideal candidate to be part of the Axelar ecosystem. This partnership will give Excel the opportunity to scale and develop new apps, and we look forward to seeing what we can do. ”
-Sergei Garbunov, co-founder and CEO of Accelerator

Accelerator’s Interoperability Protocol is designed to connect all blockchain ecosystems in a decentralized, secure, adaptive and multi-lingual manner. The protocol enables developers to build on any blockchain platform while gaining cross-chain liquidity and composibility through the Excel network.

Integration Validator further enhances the scaling of the Accelerator network by bringing experienced technological solutions to the ecosystem. By providing user-friendly applications and designs, Cosmostation will support Axelar in its product range.

The announcement comes in the wake of a 25 25 million series for Accelerator, led by Polychain Capital. The funds were raised to scale the core integration of the network during the expansion of Accelerator’s developer team.

Currently, the Accelerator Network Tesnet has a range of early adopters using Accelerator’s technology stack, including Live, Polcadot, Terra, Avalanche, Polygon, Pangolin Exchange and Kepler Wallet.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Accelerator Network as a validator node operator and end-user application provider. The accelerator ecosystem is growing at a strong pace and we look forward to being a part of it. Through this partnership, CosmoStation will work towards a single approach to enabling cross-chain liquidity across sovereign networks, assisting us with the bootstrap of adopting it efficiently in node operation and application development.
– David Park, Chief Marketing Officer at Cosmostation

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