Awkwafina at her favorite Nintendo Switch games

Aukwafina’s love for Nintendo dates back to the company’s beginnings: its Nintendo Entertainment Systems console, first released in North America in 1985, about three years before Nora Loom, who went to Aquafina professionally, was born.

“My cousin had the original Nintendo console [the NES], And we played Duck Hunt, “The Legend of Shang-chi and the Ten Rings The actress told “I thought it was a great thing.” When she grew up, her love for the brand “really started to blossom … when I got Super Nintendo [the company’s next system after the NES] And start the game Donkey Kong country, Donkey Kong Country II. ”

He was “obsessed” with it and Mario games. “I think, one of these things, which develops with you as you get older,” he said. With Donkey Kong Country, Her favorite childhood game, she said, was “I still remember the levels of my head.

Fast forward to 2021, and Nintendo has released many more consoles – Nintendo 64, GameCube, Y, YU and now the Nintendo Switch. Aukwafina, 33, is now an ambassador for the gaming company. He is tied to his switch, which can be played as a handheld system or placed on his TV dock for big screen play.

“I constantly play my Nintendo Switch,” he said. “I bring it with me wherever I go. I probably play it in every mode of transport. I bring it on set. At a time when I think I was watching a lot of TV shows, watching a lot of movies, it was a way to make my mind restless and depressed. It fits in well with my lifestyle. ”

Aukwafina embraced through her favorite games for the system, including her tips for people just starting out and the characters she likes the most from the franchise. Aukwafina has two big favorite games Animal Crossing: New Horizons And Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animals cross new horizons


Animal Crossing: New Horizons [is] A big reason, because I think I’ve never had that relationship with a game before, ”he said. “I have never played a game where you are living in a trance in this peaceful world. It changed the way I looked at wood and bugs and things. It was a really great experience and very therapeutic for me. ”

Animal crossing ‘The friendly Isabel is actually Aukwafina’s favorite overall Nintendo character: “I think she’s really living her life here and doing what she needs to do. I have a lot of respect.”

How is the island of Aukwafina? “I went with me a little more, a little,” he said. “I think the last thing I can do is lay roads and things. I realized I had to re-plan it, because I was having trouble getting my daily island supplies. My island is quite beautiful. I realized that I needed to be cool because I would go to a cool island of people and feel very jealous.

The place he’s most proud of is “probably my entrance. I kept the fountain, and I was once given a black rose as a gift. I have one of these in my welcome garden. I give a lot of time to what you see first when you walk. It’s definitely mine The situation. ”

Aukwafina Animal Crossing Tips

  • Overall: “I will say Animal Crossing: New Horizons Welcome to get started. There are no tips or tricks or hacks. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. I think time is the best thing Animal crossing, Just get used to the environment. “
  • On Tom Nook, Raccoon tells you: “Is it really scary that Tom Nook says … Tom Nook will give you things. If you get the good side of Tom Nook, which I think is money, you can get a basement.
  • When creating the bell, the coin of the game: “[I’m] Still trying to figure it out, actually. If you have any tips, let me know. There is a line of credit [with Tom Nook when you expand your house]. My biggest tip is continuity, and setting up a routine within the island. Collecting things is a big thing and you’re just going to get a daily dose of it. Every day that you don’t get a fossil, or get your daily iron dose, you’re losing valuable resources. I think it’s really time and continuity. ”

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    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe


    “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, I really got into it,” Aukwafina said. “I was in it as a kid, but it took on a whole new meaning when I learned to drift and how to put on the perfect rig. [kart or bike setup] Together. I’ve really built this whole new relationship with it as an adult, where I get really nervous. I would probably be more nervous about getting closer to an online world race than doing a scene or something. It’s very adrenaline pumping. “

    Aukwafina uses Baby Mario but there is no character in the game: “I’m still trying to find that character. [my favorite to play as]”I play a lot with Isabel,” he said. I play a lot with Todd, Yoshi, recently Luigi and Mario. I’ve been around a lot. “

    Aukwafina’s Mario Kurt Tips

    • For new people to play: “A lot of my friends that I’ve gotten into have played it big. They have knowledge of it but haven’t played it in so long, or say ‘I’m not going to be good.’ I think it’s really one of those things where it has a nostalgic side. It’s really fun for multiplayers. I think depending on whether your friends are average, it’s really a fun game to play as a team.
    • How well you run the course determines how well you are doing: “You can learn tips and tricks that don’t just run the course. That’s what pulled me into it, realizing I could go faster; I could have made a more efficient rig. I think it’s nice to discover it. I think I was able to do something when I put in hours Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. That’s good. “
    • How to choose your car and racer: “I’m still finding it. Maybe it’s a metaphor for life, you have to separate all this [trials]… For me, handling and traction, I’m still trying to figure out how much those things affect your rig. People can often be fooled by speed bars. [The bar] Really high, so it goes really fast. They have no idea how to handle it. There are all these different reasons I think it’s about finding something that makes you comfortable. I know some people are more comfortable playing with a heavy character that is hard to get off vs. I sometimes like to play Baby Mario, [one of the game’s lightest characters].
    • In her favorite items: “I like the red shell when you’re playing against someone that you really want to take [down], It’s weird. I think the red shell is one of my favorites. I know there are more powerful ones, but this is my favorite item.

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      Mario Golf: Super Rush

      Mario Golf Super Rush


      Among the new Nintendo Switch titles, Aukwafina features a Mario sports game in particular: “I just played Mario Golf, And that’s really fun. I am very excited for this. I think the Nintendo Switch, the library continues to expand, and basically really excited for all of them. [the fall/winter titles] Come out. ”His go-to character Mario Golf Mario.

      “It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, I don’t think so, because it gets too chaotic,” he said of the game. “It’s as comfortable as golf, but then it gets too intense. It’s fun that way, but maybe not the best expression.”

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      Aukwafina also has a go-to music game: “There is also a game called Pianista, where you basically play classical music on a piano. It’s fun for me. “

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