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An AT&T customer filed a lawsuit against the company last week, alleging it failed to provide “reasonable and appropriate security to prevent unauthorized access to its customer’s wireless accounts.” As a result, cryptocurrency was stolen from the plaintiff’s crypto exchange account.

AT&T has sued the crypto investor

An AT&T customer, Jamarquis Etheridge, filed a lawsuit against AT&T Inc. and AT&T Mobility LLC in district court for the Southern District of Texas on Wednesday.

Etheridge 200, a resident of Texas, USA, has been a customer of AT&T since 2009. He claims to be a victim of “sim swapping”, also known as “sim hijacking”. SIM swap is a common scam that is not unfamiliar to AT&T. The company was involved in a major lawsuit involving crypto investor Michael Terpin last year.

A court document filed by Etheridge’s attorney, Richard E. Brown, states that on September 10, 2020, AT&T “allowed the plaintiffs to access Etheridge’s wireless account and without his permission,” the complaint.

AT&T was unable to control this security breach until the next day, allowing the wrongdoers to drain Plaintiff Etheridge’s cryptocurrency exchange account.

He further complained that “AT&T was well aware of the massive damage caused by the SIM replacement,” as the company had previously issued a public warning warning customers about the threat of such scams.

Etheridge further said that AT&T has assured customers that it is taking adequate measures to prevent unauthorized SIM swaps of its account holders. However, court documents state:

AT&T engages in the practice that … fails to provide reasonable and appropriate security to prevent unauthorized access to its customer wireless accounts, which allows unauthorized persons to authenticate and then grants sensitive customer wireless accounts with access and control of 159.8 ethereum tokens.

After the incident, the price of ether reached more than, 4,200 per coin, court documents note. At the time of writing, the price of ETH has dropped to 3,338.

Plaintiff claims that as a result of AT & T’s actions or inaction, he has suffered and continues to suffer actual loss including loss of 159.8 ETH, lost time, embarrassment and humiliation, excitement and frustration, fear, anxiety, financial uncertainty, discomfort. Mental anguish, and various costs.

159.8 In addition to seeking “compensatory and equitable relief restitution” in ETH, he also sought relief for the re-establishment of statutory damages, triple compensation, punitive compensation, attorney fee rewards and all costs, “the amount of interest paid before and after trial,” and other Thinks any relief is just and appropriate.

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