At Vivika

Oops! People can better recognize that at Vivica. Fox is not one or two! The longtime actress has recently become hot on social media. A Twitter user named নcamdeion has made several allegations against Vivica, including a “close” relationship with R. Kelly. As a result, Vivica responds to him with “AHT AHT”, a flash of ‘spice lil’ above!

Cameron began by saying that Vivica and Kelly were around “a lot” when the sex crime was happening.

“… guess You said you wouldn’t snatch and now you’re calling him Snitch BC he wants to get other pedophiles out, ”Cameron tweeted. “I thought the road code didn’t matter in this case Are you scared? “

The user was referring to a conversation from Fox Soul’s “Cocktail with Queens”. Vivica discusses “entertainment, news and politics trends and issues” with Claudia Jordan, Lisarae McCoy and Celina Johnson, according to the show’s website. Chit-chat was the focus of unconfirmed reports that R. Kelly planned to snatch other pedophiles in the industry.

Lisaraye shared his views, saying Kelly would no longer benefit from inside or outside the prison. “And he’s a snatcher,” Vivica shouted, referring to the report thus circulated.

Well, Mrs. Fox didn’t call Cameron a ** hole before she corrected her guess.

Vivica replied, “I had no idea he was abusing young women.” “I’m a stand-up woman so don’t you dare come here and call me a coward! What now ?? “

He also aired a tweet in which Cameron responded to another Twitter user saying that Vivica was “close to R Kelly”. So, he served her Another help is cussing.

Vivika writes, “Stop chasing * SB **** H in my clout.” “I was asked to give him a prize a few years ago and that was it! What are you doing with your life? Hide as well as Twitter fingers ?? I’ll wait.”

In another tweet, Cameron told Vivica “If you’re on the list, just say it.” He asked, “Who is this b *** ha * friend?”

But Cameron didn’t back down, he labeled Vivica “to snatch him in a situation like Ari Kelly”. Eventually, Vivica decides to block the Twitter user – ending the exchange. However, he continued to retweet the content that came for Cameron’s head.

It’s no surprise that Vivica doesn’t want to associate her name with the insulting R&B singer, producer and songwriter. As previously reported, Kelly was convicted of sex trafficking last week. She was convicted of nine counts of rape. Prosecutors filed a lawsuit alleging that he ran a criminal enterprise that included managers and assistants who hired young women and girls to have sex with the singer. While he is awaiting sentencing, Kelly faces legal issues for alleged sexual offenses in Illinois and Minnesota.

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