AstroSwap on ADAPad will change the game for IDO Cardano, October 7th

Gaining competitive advantage in the world is crucial for crypto and blockchain. AstroSwap achieves that goal by applying its first driver skills for a launchpad / DEX partnership. Through these efforts, projects and developers can access a seamless path from development to trading in Cardano.

The rise of cardano and adapad

These last few months have been quite interesting for the Cardano ecosystem. The introduction of stacking and smart contracts has given the ecosystem a new impetus and a desire to create new applications, products and services. Moreover, it has allowed Cardano to become the third largest cryptocurrency through the market cap, surpassing more “traditional” entrants like XRP, Binance Coin, and Tether’s USDT.

Such spectacular growth needs to be sustained in any way necessary. The recent addition of ADAPAD as a dedicated launchpad is an important first step for all Cardano-based projects seeking funding and incubational support. Another significant milestone has been achieved as ADAPad will partner AstroSwap in the first launchpad / DEX partnership for the ecosystem.

The possibility of such a partnership is off the chart. One can only take advantage of the first mover, and be prepared to go the extra mile for AstroSwap. Moreover, the AstroSwap team will host its IDO on October 7 at ADAPad. Adapad’s O In terms of ADAPAD’s IDO performance, it’s not uncommon for AstroSwap’s tokens to note a three-digit ROI in the first few days.

Bluezilla Group – Launchpad and marketing skills

ADAPad is a launchpad service provided by Bluzilla Group. The team has created launchpads for all major blockchains, including Cardano, Etherium, Benson Smart Chain, Velas, Tron and more. All of these launchpads facilitate the development, funding, and resource-intensive growth of construction projects in that particular blockchain.

It is also worth noting that all the notes on these launchpads have remarkably high ROI. Each launchpad sells its native tokens through an IDO, which in most cases returns more than 100x. Take $ ADAPAD as an example, Its current ROI is 196.67x and its all time high ROI is 215.03x. The project’s current market cap is 51.29 million, which seems incredibly worthless for the default launchpad for the Cardano ecosystem.

With the support of Bluzilla Group – through the ADAPad platform, Astroswap IDO will get all the support it needs. BlueZilla focuses on investing, incubating and accelerating early-stage blockchain projects. Also, the team provides expertise in development, design, marketing, influencing, trading and legal matters. All of these aspects, along with the capital raised during the upcoming IDO, will put Astrosap in a key position to succeed.

WagyuSwap – Bring Tech

Introducing Astroswap as an interstellar deck at Cardano is a big development. Its partnership with ADAPad as the first launchpad / DEX collaboration is a major achievement. However, it is equally recognized that WagyuSwap plays a role in this process. As a project of the Bluzilla network, WagyuSwap will bring its technology to the latest and current DEX.

For those unfamiliar, WagyuSwap is a revolutionary DEX of the Velas network. It will provide many unique features including stacking, swaps and lottery functionality. In addition, the team sold a token on BSCPad and ETHPad for $ 0.01 at WAG. That token sale was very successful, and $ WAG currently trades at $ 0.602, Represents a 60x ROI. Users can track $ WAG on Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko. In addition, the team is working in partnership with other members of the Bluzilla family to facilitate cross-chain transactions and other concepts.

AstroSwap IDO Details

The AstroSwap IDO on ADAPad will be on sale on October, October 2021, starting at 8 a.m. for the allotted round, and will be on sale until 1 p.m. for the first afternoon, the first serving round. Users must be white-listed to participate and hold at least ,000 200,000 ADAPAD token.

The team will sell 120,000,000 tokens during the Token Generation Event (TGE) and will target an initial market cap of 120 120,000. Sales are exclusive to ADAPad only, where the team will sell tokens of $ 0.001 and users can invest in ADA.

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