Astros vs Braves Live Score, Update, Highlights from 2021 World Series Game 1

It’s time for the World Series to officially begin.

Each team will host the Astros Braves in the first game of the seven best series after advancing after winning a six-game championship series in their respective leagues.

When the Astros enter the World Series with a decaying pitching staff due to injury, they will turn the ball over to their most reliable starter in the mountains of Frember Valdez. He has been off the longest outing the following season of 2021 when he allowed just one run in eight innings at the Red Sox, including three hits, a walk and five strikeouts.

The Braves will send Charlie Morton, who has dominated the post-season for the past several years, to start Game 1. Since the start of the 2019 post season, Morton has started nine and has 55 strikeouts, 36 hits and a 2.64 ERA. Work has allowed 18 walks in 44.1 innings. His team went ahead 6-3 in the beginning.

Sporting News 2021 World Series Astros vs. Tracking Braves live scoring updates and highlights. Follow for full results from Game 1 on Tuesday night.

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Astros vs. Braves score

Innings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 F
Brave 2 1 2 0 0 0
Astros 0 0 0 1 0 0

Astros vs Braves Live Update, Highlights from World Series Game 1

11:08 pm: Maton Duval is walking, and the Braves have first and second runners with a distance.

11:05 pm: This post season, Rosario is on another level. Doubling on the left field line, he picked up his second hit of Game 1.

11:04 pm: The seventh innings begins with Riley’s three.

10:59 pm: Jackson gets Maldonado to chase the breaking ball in Strike Three.

10:57 pm: The hit-and-run again for the Astros kept them away from a double game. Money takes seconds as it becomes second from the guerrilla ground ..

10:56 pm: Tucker Line is a base hit in the center for a one-out single.

10:55 pm: The first base umpire said Korea turned in a checked swing for the first out.

10:53 pm: Minter’s night is really over, and Brian Schneider will start Luke Jackson from sixth.

10:50 pm Top Sixth End: Send a routine grounder to Albis Bregman, who is the third out of the inning.

10:48 pm: Freeman Bragman sends one in contrast to the shift he is able to go and make a throw, but Freeman is able to lose a throw in the bag for the infield single.

10:47 pm: Seeing the solar, Matton fell into the curveball. Two away for Freeman.

10:41 pm: Dusty Baker comes out to pull Odorji out of the game. Phil Matton will take the field. Odorizi, while first in charge of the runner, pitched 2.1 innings, allowed one hit and went on five strikeouts.

10:40 pm: Swanson picked up his first base hit of the night with a single on the left side of Infield. Now at the top of the order.

10:37 pm: Pederson swings to a 1-0 pitch and blows it into the air for money on the right.

10:33 pm Fifth end: Alvarez flew out in the middle to end the innings. Minter’s night is probably over as he pitches 2.2 innings and allows just one run in three hits without any walks and three strikeouts.

10:31 pm: Bregman called for a strike to bring Alvarez away.

10:29 pm: Rosario goes back to the alert track, but makes a catch in Brantley’s hand on the left.

10:22 pm Top 5th End: D’Arnold was caught looking at Strike Three Down and Away.

10:20 pm: Duval is caught as Odorigi keeps spinning.

10:17 pm: Rosario started fifth from second out of the ground.

10:13 pm Fourth end: Altuve popped it straight up, and Minter was able to run to grab it for the third out.

10:12 pm: Maldonado hit a foul tip out. Altuv to bat in two outs and runners corner.

10:08 pm Astros scoring play: McCormick hit it briefly, but Swanson can’t get the ball handle as he goes to the outfield for an error. Tucker scores, Guerrilla third and McCormick first. The Braves are still 5-1 ahead

10:06 pm: The guerrilla dropped a single from the left, but had to wait for the money ball to come down, so he would stop in third place. Runners in the corner now for McCormick.

10:04 pm: The Astros runner is in the scoring position for the third time in four innings due to a double line of money in the right field corner.

10:03 pm: Korea was out on the ground and led the innings in second place.

9:58 pm Top Fourth End: Riley goes down the swing for the third out. Odorizi recorded three outs through K.

9:54 pm: Albis at the base for the third time. He grounds a guerrilla who has trouble fielding the ball. The official verdict was a mistake, but Albis’ speed while fielding the ball took the defenders to that difficult place.

9:53 pm: Freeman was caught looking at the backdoor cutter. Odorizi punched the first two in the face of coming out of the bullpen.

9:52 pm: Solar comes up on an empty swing in Odorizi’s splitter for the first out.

9:48 pm: Jack Odorizi is the new pitcher of the Astros.

9:44 pm Third end: Alvarez chases a cut down and away for a third out.

9:41 pm: Bragley has moved up to third place, leaving Brantley in second place. Two away for Alvarez.

9:38 pm: Brantley doubles on the right field line to give the Astros a one-out baseman in the scoring position.

9:36 pm: New pitchers are coming for AJ Minter Hall Braves.

9:32 pm: Morton stumbled on the landing after his pitch, and he had to leave the game with an injury.

9:32 pm: Morton was caught looking at another curveball for an Altov strikeout.

9:27 pm Last Top Third: Garcia made Swanson swing to finish the top half of the innings.

9:23 pm: Pederson flew to the right. Two away.

9:20 pm: D’Arnaud was caught in strike three for the first out.

9:18 pm: Emmy Garcia is the next pitcher for the Astros.

9:16 pm: That duo will end the night for Homer Valdez.

9:15 pm Braves’s Scoring Play: Duval Crawford sends a rocket into the box. Baseball travels 111.7 miles per hour and 387 feet per bat from Savant. The Braves extended the lead to 5-0.

9:11 pm: Rosario didn’t get one out for a base hit on the right side of Ground One Infield.

9:07 pm Last of seconds: Martin Maldonado shoots a liner on the right, but for the third out of the inning it goes straight into Freeman’s gloves.

9:04 pm: Chas McCormick went down the curveball to strike out for the second out of the innings.

9:01 pm: Yuli Guriel grounded Morton’s foot to one foot, but Freeman carom fielded and went first to get out.

8:58 pm Top secs end: Valdez swings Duval to end the innings and loads the base.

8:56 pm: Altuv tries to get Albis at first, but the Braves ’second baseman is there for his second Infield singles of the day. Base loaded.

8:55 pm: Freeman walks in to give Albis a chance to bat with the first and second runners.

8:51 pm Braves’s scoring play: The choice of a fielder on the solar ground that allows D’Arnold to score. Bragman tagged Pederson after trying to move to third place. The Braves extended the lead to 3-0.

8:50 pm: Swanson flew to the center with a deep drive, but it took D’Arnold and Pederson to third and second, respectively.

8:48 pm: Jock Pederson defeated Shift with a base hit on the left side of the field. Two on, no one out for Dansby Swanson.

8:46 pm: Travis D’Arnold started at the top of the second off with a base hit on the right.

8:43 pm First end: Albis fielded Grounder to his left and threw the money first. The Braves are 2-0 up in second place.

8:41 pm: The official word is a hit by the Korean pitch. Either way, the results are the same. Base load for tucker.

8:40 pm: Correa walking base load. Up to Kyle Tucker’s plate.

8:39 pm: Morton’s wild pitch took Brantley to third and Bregman to second. Korea is now in full count.

8:36 pm: Alvarez is walking. Two on, two away for Carlos Correa.

8:33 pm: Bragman was first grounded out, but Brantley started with a hit-and-run that allowed Houston to avoid a double game. ALCS MVP Jordan Alvarez is second and two away with a runner.

8:29 pm: Michael Brantley made a hack on the first pitch that he saw and lined it to the right for a base hit. Runner ship for Alex Bragman.

8:28 pm: Charlie Morton’s bender Catch Altuv is looking for No. 1.

8:24 pm Last Top First: Adam Duval flies right to the top of the first. The Astros will bat first to chase a pair.

8:23 pm: That’s a bit of history on the solar home run.

8:20 pm: Valdez got the second out of the innings Eddie Rosario chased down a breaking ball.

8:17 pm Braves’s scoring play: The brave are not taking their feet off the gas. Austin Riley doubled Albis’ goal in the left-center interval. The Braves extended the lead to 2-0.

8:16 pm: Just after the infield singles, Albis steals a second time to show off his wheels.

8:15 pm: Oz Albis first arrives at an infield single on the left side of the mound.

8:13 pm: Jose Altov has to go far in the shift, but he has been able to catch Freddie Freeman on the ground.

8:13 pm: That ball traveled 382 feet and came off the bat at a speed of 105 miles per baseball savant.

8:12 pm Braves’s Scoring Play: That didn’t take long. The first swing in the World Series is the home run of Solar’s bat. The Braves are ahead 1-0.

8:11 pm: This World Series is closed because the first pitch of the series is a ball to George Solar.

8:10 pm: As the Braves-Astros World Series begins, Framber Valdez is warming up.

7:30 pm: Check out the starting lineups for the two teams here about 40 minutes before the first pitch.

Today is the start of the World Series

  • Date: Tuesday, October 26
  • Time8:09 pm ET

The first pitch between the Astros and Braves will be thrown Tuesday at 8:09 pm ET.

How to watch the 2021 World Series

  • TV Channels (United States): The fox
  • TV Channel (Canada): Sportsnet
  • Live broadcast: fuboTV

All World Series games will be broadcast on Fox in the United States and SportsNet in Canada. On Fox Broadcast, Joe Buck will conduct play-by-play analysis at the John Smoltz booth, with field-level reporters Ken Rosenthal and Tom Verducci.

Streamers can find the game using the Fox Sports Go app or fuboTV, which comes with a seven-day free trial.

World Series Schedule 2021

Date Game Time to start TV channel
Tuesday, October 26 Brave at Astros, Game 1 8:09 pm Fox, fuboTV
Wednesday, October 26 Brave at Astros, Game 2 8:09 pm Fox, fuboTV
Fri, Oct. 29 Astros at Braves, Game 3 8:09 pm Fox, fuboTV
Saturday, October 30 Astros at Braves, Game 4 8:09 pm Fox, fuboTV
Sun., 31 October Astros at Braves, Game 5 * 8:15 p.m. Fox, fuboTV
Tue., Nov. 2 Brave Astros, Game 6 * 8:09 pm Fox, fuboTV
Wed., 3 November Brave Astros, Game 7 * 8:09 pm Fox, fuboTV

* If required.

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