Astros-Red Sox ALCS Game 1 Techways: Kaik ‘Hernandez keeps rolling, Houston has an infield clutch in the middle

If there is a game in a league championship series that can be counted as low-scoring, then it is Game 1. The two teams usually transfer the ball to their best arm, hoping to stop the opponent’s bats. In the series.

But the Red Sox and Astros gave an early indication on Friday that their ALCS would be high-scoring. Two powerhouse offenses racked up every double-digit hit total, and with just 1 for 1, they were able to keep the score at 5–4 with the runners in the scoring position and the 1 run runner at the base, the Astros prevailed.

The Astros’ collars lasted for three runs at the top of the third and Jose Altuv and Carlos Correa hit Houston in the sixth and seventh innings to give them a crucial game to win Game 1.

There was a lot to take during the opening of the series. Here are three takeaways from it.

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Kiko Hernandez’s dominance continues

Hernandez made his mark against the race at ALDS when he helped win 14-6 in Game 2 with a 5-hit performance. He returned home, hitting three doubles, scoring three runs and scoring three times. He ended the series with an unreasonable .450 / .429 / .900 slash line.

He showed no signs of slowing down on Friday.

Hernandez led the game with a single over Korea’s head, launching a game-tying solo homer at the top of the third, scoring a double to the left at the top of the fourth and going back to the top of the ninth for one, the last Red Sox breathless.

His OPS at ALCS after Game 1 is 3.000. Yes, it will.

It’s not just a tear that players continue to shed during the post-season. According to Stathead, Hernandez’s four ALDS games and 13 hits in an ALCS game tied five-game intervals in the live-ball era for any player in MLB history, and he joined Albert Pujols, George Brett and Robin Yant as the only MLB players in their MLB history. Multiple four-hit games.

MLB’s Sarah Langs is even more in her impressive run.

Jose Altuv, Carlos Correa are still the spark of Houston

It is safe to say that the Astros will be far away from where they are now except Altube and Korea.

Altuv has been with the team since the Dark Ages তার his first two full seasons in the big leagues, Houston lost 107 and 111 games in back-to-back asons কিন্তু but it was clear he was going to be a spark to run the franchise ahead of Korea as a turning point in rebuilding. Translations into Assamese: In his 2015 rookie campaign, the Astros reached the playoffs for the first time since losing the World Series in 2005.

Now in the depths of their Astros ’tenure, and perhaps Korea’s last run with the club, the two are still coming through the clutch.

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Altuv made Houston’s first run in the sacrificial fly in the first inning. He caught an error at a crucial moment that led Boston to third, but he scored two runs for it, no doubt bringing Homer to a 3-3 draw below the sixth.

And then Korea made a great shot to the left in seventh place to give Houston a 4-3 lead. Altuve hits a sacrificial fly on the eighth which proves important; That gave Houston a two-run lead, enough for Hernandez’s Homer to survive in ninth place.

These players have repeatedly proven that they will not be afraid of the stage in the spotlight. Altov’s Homer led him to Albert Pujols and George Springer with his 20th spot on the all-time postseason home run list, good for a third tie with Derek Jeter. His two runs put him behind Chipper Jones and he finished fifth all-time with 600 in the playoffs. His career-winning 2.2 chances have been added to the post-season tenth place all-time.

Korea has been just like a clutch. His career 2.6 WPA placed him fifth all-time. His homer moved him to fifth-place all-time with 55 postseason RBIs in fifth place and seventh-most runs with 18th runs with Reggie Jackson, Mickey Mantle and Nelson Cruz.

The duo are making their sixth trip together in the post-season together and are delivering more thrills to Houston fans. They also showed in Game 1 that, as far as Boston pitching is concerned, they will have two bats to beat in this series.

Chris Cell works again

Sales was one of the best pitchers in the league throughout his career, and that was true towards the end of the 2021 regular season as he was returning from Tommy John surgery for which he spent most of the 2020 season and this past season.

But he himself was not in the playoffs.

At the start of his first post-season, he survived just one innings as he gave up five runs – four Grand Slams – with four hits and two strikeouts against Roy.

He didn’t do very well on Friday. Sales were moved with runners in the first and second and two outs in the third inning. Savior Adam Otovino recorded the final out of the innings to maintain Boston’s 1-1 lead and granted him bail.

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The sale had no problem walking again (just one free pass), but he dropped five hits and hit just two to go with just one run. According to Baseball Sawant, five batted balls against him were considered “hard hits” (exit speeds of 95 miles or more).

Part of his problems stemmed from his pitch mix. Sales have never changed impressively, but it has been particularly bad this season. The Batters slogged .667 against the pitch in the regular season, and he dropped it from his collection in the first two postseason games after dropping 20 percent in the regular season and almost that rate of his career. He used it once against the ray and only four times against the astros.

The result is that the batsmen get better at what he throws next. Although his slider whip rate against Houston was percent percent, along with his 2 percent clip from regular season two, the batsmen came up empty-handed in fastball at just 1 percent, down from 2.5.5 percent from the regular season. Baseball Savant.

Even with his slider, he wasn’t getting the kind of chase he was usually accustomed to in the area. Sales mainly focused on that pitch down and right-handed batter দূরে far from left এবং and found its place with it. But only two of the 113 sliders outside the zone on Friday were whipped and two were allowed to play for hits.

If he wants to go back to being an ace of Sox, he has to get his deception back.

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