Arizona Democrat Sen. Kirsten Cinema alleges Joe Biden is not returning phone calls

Arizona Senator Kirsten Cinema was attacked in a woman’s bathroom last week by left-wing activists who were angry that she was not supporting the Democrats’ massive spending bill.

Instead of endorsing the movie, Biden calls it “part of the process.”

Now the movie is apparently not returning Biden’s phone call. Can anyone blame him?

Breitbart News reports:

Running: Manchin buried his head in his head, telling Schumer that his unsolicited Senate speech was a “F * cking stupid” to attacking Republicans.

Report: Kirsten Cinema is not returning Joe Biden’s phone call

Sen. Kirsten Cinema (D-AZ) reports that President Biden’s phone calls about reunion talks do not always return, CNN reported Thursday.

“Biden himself has suffered in stage and cinema,” according to Democrat lawmakers who have spoken out about reunification talks with Biden. “The president told progressives this week that he spent many hours with the two senators and they don’t move.”

The legal turmoil is so bad that a CNN source told the news agency that Cinema does not return Biden’s phone call “always”.

To resolve any bad blood between the negotiating parties, Rip.Ro Khanna (D-CA) reports that Biden could negotiate a comprehensive tax and spending package to bring both senators together in one tax, but Biden believes this will not help the inter-party. Stagnation

According to CNN, the president told the Progressive House Democrats that he had been in politics for a long time – and that bringing them together in the same house would be almost like “murder.”

The leftists are really angry about this.

Maybe the leftists shouldn’t have harassed him in the bathroom. And perhaps Biden should have stuck to it.

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