Aries Weekly Horoscope

Week of September 27 – October 3, 2021

When the ghost of lovers reappears, what should Aries do? There should be a text from the previous pop up on your screen. Do not make any sudden movements. And if you see the date of that spooky tinder on the Isle of Organic Production, go for the paper products quickly! Mercury’s pivots are going back this Monday, September 2nd, Libra and your seventh relationship until October 1st. Nostalgia may be inevitable but don’t lose touch with common sense even though enough time has passed to form a friendship, go so lightly with this kind of experimentation. Feelings may fade but they never go away completely. If you have something good to do with someone new, leave that unfinished chapter of the history book. If anything, take a walk in Memory Lane to your current bosom, revisit places of special significance, or revive a tradition date from your honeymoon episode. All single Aries candidates should be reviewed with a more discerning eye. Are those bonds ever going to be cemented legally? The last thing you need is a derailed confusion!

But when it comes to people you like, make yourself available for long, cathartic discussions in the middle of the week. Your mental radar is mentally compatible with this Wednesday, courtesy of the sensitive Venus-Neptune angle. Although you can usually choose to block that energy, now you feel compelled to follow. Whether you realize it or not, sharing your intuitive hits with people in question can have a truly positive impact on their lives. Just be careful not to go into savior mode. Your job only involves sending messages.

On Thursday, Aquarius from Venus in the magnetic Scorpio and your communal, idealistic eleventh home. Aries, there is support around you, but in your efforts to prove your independence, you were probably blind to this fact. Before you dive into DIY mode, consider what you can delegate or outsource. Take the time to get people to your process. While this may slow you down temporarily, you will pay back quickly for that lost time. No one on your radar? Take out your feelings on Thursday. Start by writing a clear description of the skills you are looking for. The stick will not be passed until you find a worthy person you can trust. Is there an application for this? Jupiter can ping your technology sector as well as software or time-saving gadgets can bring comfort to your life. Just make sure it’s from a valid source! (Hello, Mercury Retrograde.)

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