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Wyoming prosecutors are being asked to consider criminal charges against public library staff because the library contains information on reproduction, gender and homosexuality. In Campbell County, Wyoming, local busy people are trying to brand books for children or young people as illegal pornography, including getting pregnant, having sex and being gay.

“These books are absolutely terrifying,” Susan Sisti, lead campaigner at Open Door Church’s administrative pastor, told the Associated Press. (Ironically, Sisti ran for office in 2020 on a platform he described as “constitutional”)

Sisty said the library books reported to county law enforcement are among them How do you make a baby? By Anna Fisk (A book explains child reproduction), Dating and Sex: A Guide for 21st Century Teenagers (A book by therapist Andrew P. Smiler, listed on the American Psychological Association’s website), Adolescent Sex-Education Book I’m doing it By Hannah Witton, This book is gay And by Juno Dawson Sex is a funny word By Corey Silverberg. The latter-American Library Association’s 2016 2016 reading list discusses concepts such as an award-winning children’s comic book, Sex, Sex, Gender Identity, “Privacy, Security and Respect,” “Protecting Yourself From Unwanted Sexual Touch and Abuse,” and “Nudity.” Borders. “

Terry Leslie CK, director of the library, saidAsper Star-Tribune That debate is “bigger than our library. It’s a political movement, and we’re only caught here.”

Which some people think Something What should be hidden about sex is hardly surprising. The more disturbing element here is the support these liberal forces are receiving from local law enforcement in Campbell County. “Following a complaint filed in the sheriff’s office, prosecutors are reviewing the case,” the AP reported Oct. 1:

County Attorney Mitchell Damasky announced Friday that he would seek the appointment of a special prosecutor to weigh in before deciding whether to prosecute the allegations. A

Sisty Hugh and Susan Bennett, who visited the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday, expressed concern that five books violated state child sex laws. Sheriff’s officials reviewed the complaint and referred the case, which was first reported by Gillette News Records, to prosecutors. A

[Hugh Bennett] The books are called “Hard Core Pornography for Children”.

Although it is unreasonable that this issue is even being mentioned Possible The prosecution, at least in Damascus, acknowledges that there are some constitutional tensions:

“Personally, as a parent, I find these elements inappropriate and disgusting for children. But as a lawyer I swear to uphold the Constitution and that is why we are dealing with it with a toothbrush,” Damasky said.

Before approaching the sheriff, the book-banning brigade appealed to Campbell County commissioners. But “the demand to remove LGBTQ-related books from the section of children and young adults in the local library has not been met.” County 17 In August.

“A commissioner’s job is not to monitor or censor books in the library,” Commissioner DG Reardon said at the August 12 meeting. Rather, the commissioners choose the library board and it is up to them which books are stocked.

However, not all commissioners took Reardon’s opinion. “We shouldn’t fund you at all,” Commissioner Dale Shelstad told the Library Board at its Sept. 2 meeting. Shelstad later stepped back and said, “I didn’t mean 100% of their funds.”

Hupla has created a rash of recent complaints about books in the library. “Library director Terry Leslie said a month ago on Friday that there were three formal complaints about the reading material,” he said. County 17 Report By September 3, it was up to 22 books.

“I’ve been a director here for eight years,” he noted. “I haven’t heard of receiving 22 challenge forms in a two-week period. I’ve researched it and haven’t found an example of this in a public library.”

As of October 4, library staff are still working through competitive book feedback Caspar Star-Tribune:

Leslie said 35 requests for reconsideration have been submitted. Sixteen letters have been sent to those who have filled out the form and more will be sent next week.

Some challenge books do not ask to be removed, but they are moved to a different section of the library.

In the letter, 16 said the books would be in their respective libraries.

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Survey: Americans oppose fetal heartbeat laws like Texas. A new survey from NPR /PBS News Hour/ Merist found that “about 10 to 6 Americans oppose abortion prohibition after cardiac activity has been detected, in a typical pregnancy between about six and eight weeks.” This includes the majority of self-identified Republicans. 59 percent of Republicans say they oppose the law. Democrats, 61 percent, and independents, 53 percent, said the same thing.

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