Aquarius weekly horoscope

Week of September 20 – 26, 2021

Cha-ching! On Monday, September 20, your personal economic growth (or recovery) cycle begins because the only Pisces full moon of the year activates your second money and protection. None of your efforts over the last six months have been noticed – and will not be rewarded! The next few weeks are “harvest time” What do you expect to reveal: a new job, a side gig or an investment opportunity? By focusing on this you can make yourself more valuable by lifting the moon. If you want to jump up the stairs or take side steps, if you need to acquire new skills, remember, there is no time like the present! This illuminated full moon can also indicate where you are spending out of your money (or just unreasonably) and provide clues as to how to cut it. (Hello, home cooking!) Got your heart set to buy a big ticket? Open a Dedicated Savings Account. Slow and steady will get you there!

On Wednesday, the brave sun cotton and enters the ninth house of your travel, adventure and education for a month. As an indomitable Aquarius, you are searching lifelong for intelligent and lively stimulation, wherever and with whom you can find it! So this four-week cotton cycle is your annual “high season tu” এand a personal cosmic invitation মহান to take some daring leaps into the great unknown. From now until October 2, you can surprise yourself by signing up for a certification program or becoming a digital nomad. Learn about epidemics, visas and other restrictions (or lack thereof), get a taste of research! The ninth house also controls entrepreneurial efforts, so if you’re quietly working on a business plan or ready to launch an app, next month is perfect for a beta-test of your vision. Find the right influential and seed investors – and get your pitch deck ready!

But in your initiative to turn this thing around, don’t ignore your inner circle, and especially your family! While you may never shy away from your career responsibilities, Thursday can create a chaotic clash drama between the hardworking Venus in your professional corner and the disruptive Uranus in your home quarters. Time can be everything, but hopefully you’ve made enough beagle room on your schedule to accommodate last minute SOS from someone close to you.

If your old drawing board needs to be revised before your big release, keep your calendar open this weekend. And be prepared if you download your way to a dreamer while smacking in the middle of a nature trip or family meal. Thanks to a passionate, impatient Mars in your energetic ninth house, a rare, helpful angle and your structured Saturn in your sign, you will be able to put a brilliant idea into a usable format and run with it. But not if the idea leaves two minutes after hitting your brain! Guess it by always having a capture device (recorder app, notebook) in hand. If you have to forgive yourself from the brunch, don’t feel bad when the bottomless mimes are still flowing. The Mars-Sat train comes only twice a year, and when it does, your highest ideas can take shape in a practical and profitable way!

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