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For the better part of this month, you’re in “focus mode”, even a bit of fall hibernation. Don’t worry, Aquarius: It’s temporary! Until September 22 in Virgo and you have the sun in your private, intimate eighth house, you can merge in your mind in case of joint business venture or relationship and on the way to the next level of being official. Accelerator Mars is in Virgo until September 14th, which can equally inspire you and push you for a permanent connection of money, intimacy and any kind of energy. Hey, you are an independent Aquarius – going so deep with people is not something you do lightly!

Take your time because all five of the slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are retreating this month, an ideal time to step back and examine the big picture without rushing into any binding. This September 22nd when the sun enters Cotton and your dreamy ninth house for a month you will get help, which will help you to take a broader view of everything.

Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and contracts, retreating from September 27 to October 18, you need to be extra careful about what you say, send and post. While this can be a helpful time to clear the air, you can also say words that make you regret, especially if you are overly articulate. Silence (or at least, some restraint) is golden as September closes.

The Sun stays in Virgo until September 22nd

Going back to school, resist Aquarius. This month you feel more personal and inner as you sunbathe through Virgo and your intimate eighth house until September 22nd. Virgo season Your energy is most focused on a particular person or project since you accelerate your ability to concentrate. Of course, your normal social personality doesn’t work that way. Take a “multiply over quantity” approach and select your RSVPs accordingly. You don’t have to be at every art cocktail party or welcome-fall gathering বিশেষ especially when the real “pumpkin spice” can happen behind closed doors!

Tuesday is busy in the first week of September

Aquarius, do not force yourself to go public with a big revelation. Charismatic Mars is playing curiosity until September 14th, the daughter flying under the radar and your secret, intimate eighth house. In the first week of the month, Mars will make two major contacts that can affect your money and relationships.

On September 2nd, Mars will oppose the illusory Neptune. Although you don’t have to be completely opaque, a little hint will only increase people’s appetite – whether you’re starting a new project or testing the waters of attraction. Tease them with a camouflage preview. If someone cheats on you, don’t assume they are unfaithful. Maybe they don’t feel comfortable enough to tell you their whole life story. Give things time to develop at a natural pace.

Have questions about a potential joint venture or a shared work project? This is not necessarily the day to face someone and demand a straight answer. Not only will it elicit a negative reaction, it won’t even work. Try to show someone your hand subtly – or save the conversation for another day.

Take a wave in the sea of ​​emotions this September, when a vast train between Mars and the transformational Pluto in the most intimate area of ​​your chart makes it impossible to hide your deepest feelings. Expressing frustration with your guard and being open to how people react can lead to a strong bond experience. Being weak is not just right; This is where magic happens. If you have any idea or incredible feeling about Deja Vu, see where it takes you!

September The daughter’s new moon enhances your intimate bond

Time to go deeper or make things official? On September 6, the only daughter of the year, the new moon turns the page of a powerful new chapter in your eighth intimacy, shared finances and investments. Got an urge to unite? Follow that aspiration – and don’t be surprised if the coffing season starts earlier this year, especially under this romantic moon! A promising business partnership can still be raised today, especially one that gives you the opportunity to consolidate your superiority for mutual benefit. The full moon of Virgo may be fully unveiled by March 2022, so start exploring now.

And lean towards your inner circle! This new moon issues a reminder: you don’t have to do it yourself! You can be a proud sign that doesn’t want support অর্থাৎ that is, until you get close to a melddown… but why let things get to that point, Aquarius? Stay active and create a support system so you don’t have to send an SOS. Organize a rideshare or co-op babysitting; Outsourced part of a project to an expert. There is a saying: “If you want to go fast, go alone; If you want to go far, go together. “

1 September September Mars enters Cotton, bringing rapid and exciting growth

Get ready for adventure! 1 September September, Libra and your personal growth, optimism and unlimited possibilities enter the ninth house as soon as the energetic Mars daughter and you come out of the tunnel-vision realm. Like it now! Every two years, the red planet comes to elevate your excitement to triple-surprise-point levels এবং and here it is !!!

There is no objection to waiting for the holidays to travel. As the weather cools, the chances of spontaneous exit from the globetrotting zone come as a result of the strict ban on quids. If you’re not ready to travel, open your channels for visionary business partnerships and friendships in visionary locales. Whether you want anything more than “business as usual” now, this is a great time to start an indie business, sign up for a workshop or class, or expand your mind by exploring new spiritual ideas. Change your outlook on the world and draw yourself to a completely different outcome.

That said, all of this will not be “love and light”. Mars is in “loss” ( in Cotton because the warrior planet is not exactly comfortable in the sign of peace. You may need to speed up a bit on your own, but don’t worry – this grace of opportunity will offer more than you can handle in any human way.

September 20 Pisces full moon money spotlight!

Weigh the anchor for a minute, Aquarius, and let’s talk about the finances of your fall. On September 20 the full moon appears in Pisces and your grounded second house. Your focus is on your budget and your bottom line, as well as new opportunities to increase revenue. The full moon can bring a moment of clarity, an opportunity to prioritize and plan an action. If you’re waiting for words for finances or work, you may finally hear concrete news about a promotion or a new gig. Keep your antenna too! This full moon can boost confidence when you need it most. Don’t wait for other people to call shots or make decisions for you. Be firm and self-approved today, lean towards Aquarius and leadership. If no one goes to the plate then that tag, you do it!

The cotton season starts on September 22

The taste of the freedom you desire comes on September 22nd, when the sun rises and enters the ninth house of your one-month journey, expansion and adventure. Now you can get yourself out of tunnel-vision mode and see the big picture again. An endeavor in which higher education, a startup business or media and publishing can be the focus of your endeavor.

Mercury 2 Lib September is located in Tula Rashi

Not so fast though! Planet of Mercury communiculas = “Body-L-Link Standard-Body-L-Link” Cation, Technology and Travel Lib 2 September will be reversed in Cotton from September 1 to October 1. In this outspoken area of ​​your chart you have a double tendency to put your foot in your mouth or be misunderstood. Choose your words (and posts) very carefully. Book any holiday travel plan before Mercury’s mischief begins, especially since cotton rules your ninth home.

In the first half of the month, the sexy Mars stays in Virgo, heating up your orgasmic eighth house. This is a boon for your boudoir, but beware: the red planet here can increase jealousy and ownership, inviting you to see the green-eyed monster.

This month, apart from just the “language of love”, romance can speak another dialect, Aquarius! When Venus is flying through the cotton and the ninth home of your travels and expansion until September 10th, colorful destinations and high adventures are calling your name. 1 September September, Mars stays in cotton until ma0 October.

If you’re unmarried, this is a great time for a solo trip that broadens your cultural horizons and refreshes your outlook after a difficult few years. Closer to home, you may be attracted to someone from a different background. Now couples with the ability to travel together can revive the romantic spark by staying out of your normal environment. Can’t escape? Sign up for a mind-blowing workshop or course together.

This is your “truth telling” angle and here Mars can give you outspokenness and feedback. Know everything or don’t “coach” your partner বিশেষ especially if they don’t want help. Playing proverbs? You can catch an acute case of Grass-E-Greener syndrome and it has taken a hard time to make up your mind about who to choose. (Very good thing? Win the best contestant!)

On September 10, Venus enters Scorpio and your future-centric tenth house until October 7. Going). With a mild yet ambitious love planet in your goal-driven sector, singles will be more interested in serious rivals or possibilities that could be long-term. You will not be happy with the kind of oppressed soul now. Couples can deepen their bond by setting some shared goals and mapping the next steps নেই no stress or guilt needed!

This month the Sun is in Virgo and a strong focus on financial matters due to your long-term assets and going to the eighth house of the joint venture. Find ways to win cash together with others, from shared child care and ride food co-ops to earn loyalty points when shopping at a particular store. Your viewfinder can also be a big investment, and you can explore everything from real estate to cryptocurrency, especially the 6 September Virgo New Moon, which gets a helpful beam from your ruler, the technological Uranus. September 20th Pisces full moon illuminates the second house of your earned income and daily expenses. Examine your budget and adjust to your schedule and spending habits. These seemingly small changes can really add up, helping you become a better steward of your assets.

Valentine’s Day: 26, 4

Money days: 11, 19

Destiny Day: 8, 17

Closed days: 29, 6, 15

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