Apple Watch Series 7 Review: Is the Big Display Worth It?


The Apple Watch Series 7, the latest offering from the tech giant, focuses more on improving aesthetics rather than performance than its predecessor.

After spending a week with the Apple Watch Series 7, we found that it has the same Apple Watch experience with a larger display – the Series 6 has all the features, so tracking tools like heart rate, ECG, blood oxygen and activity are all here.

Thinking Apple Watch Series 7 is for you? It’s time to unpack the experience from our wrists.

A large display and fast charging

While the Series 7 is not an immediate upgrade from the Series 6, it is for older models. Those who are new to Apple Watch are joining at a time when the focus is on how you interact and use the watch.

Who is it for: If you have a Series 6, there is no real reason to rush to upgrade it. Those in a series 5 or older will benefit from improved performance, the ability to receive an ECG or blood oxygen level, and the big screen. If you have a Series 3 or older, a larger display with new connectivity and health features will be the biggest leap.

What you want to know: The Series 7 has a larger display (20% larger than the Series 6 and 40% of the Series 3) and it can charge faster. The larger display makes it easier to interact and overall the interface feels less compressed.

How it compares: Compared to other Apple watches, the Series 7 is the most advanced, always on-display, with support for health features such as fast charging and blood oxygen monitoring with electrocardiogram function. The Watch SE is a good competitor, as it simply lacks gypsy performance, is always on display, and has some health features. It’s more affordable at $ 279. Competitive options from Fossil do not offer deep integration with iOS and do not work with Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 iPhone.

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Even with the larger display, Apple hasn’t increased the case size, so it’s not like you’re wearing a big watch on your wrist. Instead, the bezels around the display become only 1.7-millimeters thick.

The increase in size is immediately noticeable – so much so that when you look at the side of the Apple Watch you can see the outer rim of the watch face and even create notifications as it pops in. This is a unique feature of the glass OLED display, as it edges down.

And the screen is a full millimeter larger than the Series 6 (40mm to 41mm and 44mm to 45mm) – it’s a small difference on paper, but lets you read a larger portion of the text more easily, see more details without scrolling and easily right on -Press the screen button. WatchOS 8 has been optimized for the new screen and the user interface will look a bit different with the whole or individual app. Dialing a number in the phone app has a much larger number of features and the same goes for calculators. As a result, we’ve seen a lot more work done directly on our own wrists in the past week.

The display is an always-on retina display that provides vibrant colors and sharp contrast points (think of sharp text when reading an email). Always On Nature allows you to look at the watch and see the time on your watch face or anything else without tapping on the screen or attaching it. Apple claims the Series 7’s display is 70% brighter than the Series 6’s, and we’ve checked side by side to see if the Series 7 has more complexity (on-screen widgets like weather or activity). Apple says they’ve tuned the face of each watch and it’s really just noticeable on the inside. There is no improvement when using the display outside.

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One thing we really enjoyed in the Series 7 is how usable the full QWERTY keyboard is on your wrist. Each key is easy to tap – so while it may seem narrow, we think it can be a boon for those who don’t always want to switch between their watches and phones for specific tasks.

Jacob Kroll / CNN

Last year with WatchOS 7, Apple introduced Slip Tracking which caused some power issues for some users. If you want to track all night, you need to charge the Apple Watch again.

Apple is still promising “all day” battery life which is equivalent to about 18 hours, and we’ve been hitting that day. Most days we took a few calls, tracked some workouts, monitored our heartbeat, and responded to a boat load of messages.

Apple claims that the upgraded Apple Watch charging cable is included with the Series 7, Apple claims that the watch should charge from 0% to 80% in 45 minutes and 100% in 75 minutes – which was proven in our tests.

When it came to charging before going to sleep or charging right after waking up, we were able to put the Series 7 on the charger for about six to seven minutes to get 30% to 40% battery. In most cases, if we charge minutes5 minutes before bed, the clock can make the majority of the night and the next day. It is impressive and solves the problem of battery drying with a fast charge feature.

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Almost identical to every Apple Watch before the Apple Watch Series 7 – with some subtle upgrades.

The Series 7 extends over durability by leaving a WR50 rating (it’s swim-proof and waterproof), but withstands dust ratings up to IP6X. This means that the Apple Watch is dusted off and does not allow any particles inside. In our experiments, wearing an Apple Watch while gardening – near dirt and water – we did not encounter any problems.

Apple claims that the display in the Series 7 is their most crack-resistant and the crystal itself জন্য for display নী is flat on the bottom which helps it stand up to drops and cracks. We didn’t test it completely with the drop test, but pushing our wrists to a bedpost, table or countertop presented us no problem.

The Series 7 is also available in five colors: Midnight, Starlight, (Product) Red, Blue and Green. (Product) Red and blue have been more vibrant over the past few years, when at midnight a black injection that looks very dark blue. We will further note that Starlight is not silver, it is a mixture of gold and silver.

The Series 7 supports all of your current Apple Watch bands – you don’t have to rush to buy all the new bands.

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Now for those coming from a Series 6, we’ll save you from reading – except for faster charging and larger displays, it’s an almost identical experience. You get the same health features and quite similar performance.

Swimming WatchOS 8 Series 7 – Apps open faster, it illuminates the entire display when you extend your wrist, dictation occurs almost in realtime, and Siri Request Request is significantly faster. The apps that have been optimized here – basically all preloaded Apple – run well without any weird size bugs.

We would also say that viewing web pages on your wrist – though still ridiculous – is much more beneficial on a big screen. Similarly, you can browse the App Store more effortlessly and some good news is that the QWERTY keyboard is available anywhere you can enter text.

And as Apple usually ships, the two new watch faces of the Series 7 are designed for larger displays. We especially like the modular duo, which digitally shows the time on the top right, three spots for complexity – two large rectangles and a circle on the top left. We’re rocking the weather up with the calendar and the activity below. This allows you to quickly see a lot of information about the size of the bite at a glance.

While other smartwatches have added health features – such as the Galaxy Watch 4 such as the BMI – the Apple Watch Series 7 is not introducing anything new. It can still measure your heart rate or blood oxygen levels, take an ECG and track complete activity. This is the Apple Watch experience that users know and it performs quite well here. Tracking across all these metrics was consistent with Series 6 (we used a series 7, 6, SE and 3 for our tests), which is to be expected because it sets the same sensor across the board.

Especially for heart rate and blood oxygen, we tested with two separate devices. As we found out last year, the Series 7 was very close, with these distinct sensors only one or two digit differences above or below. It was like comparing the Series 7 with the Galaxy Watch 4 family. Safe to say, this is an accurate measure for a smartwatch that the Apple Watch can track.

We further call that the Series 7, like other Apple watches, integrates closely with Fitness +, so that measurements of your activity can be seen in realtime on your wrist and any device is streaming workouts.

And an important note: like any other smartwatch, it should never be used for diagnosis. We do not strongly recommend using these readings for any medical diagnosis, and Apple recommends the same. Contact a doctor if in doubt.

Jacob Kroll / CNN

So yes, the Apple Watch Series 7 is still the best Apple Watch – but it can be expected as it replaces the Series 6 and adds new features. Here the large display revives the experience and fast charging solves a real problem for a few years. It monitors blood oxygen, with the ability to take an ECG and is always on with extra durability chops making it the ultimate Apple Watch.

However, it is still part of the powerful watch lineup by Apple. The Apple Watch SE 3 is still in the lineup for দেখার 199 worth watching at 27 279, but it shows age with performance. We would recommend SE or Series 7.

If you have a Series 6, and it is not fully sold that you need a larger display, we would say hold the watch for another year. Those coming from the Series 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 or even the original will see improvements with health tracking, performance, battery life and a much larger display in the Series 7.

And now that the Apple Watch has a larger display, we need to ask when we will see it become a standalone device.

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