Apple wants to avoid allowing developers to link to other payment options in Epic Appeal

Apple Inc. has appealed the decision of a federal judge against Epic Games Inc., the owner of the Apple Store, and seeks to avoid allowing app developers to guide consumers through other payment options.

Apple AAPL,
In particular, the decision calls for a ban that allows developers to direct consumers to third-party payment systems outside of the App Store, thus saving commission fees of up to 30% of potential developers and requiring the order to be “suspended”.

Apple is trying to improve the flow of information while protecting both the functionality of the App Store and the security and privacy of Apple customers, Apple is working cautiously in the face of a number of complex issues worldwide, ”Calif said in a filing in federal court in Oakland. “Maintaining the right balance will make redundancy of court concerns (and possibly Apple’s own appeal) unnecessary. In this situation, stay is mandatory.”

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Apple specifically objected to external payment links for digital products and services, with links from the digital storefront within the App Store.

“Alternative payment method links and buttons are risky,” the company said in its filing. “Moreover, because external links work outside of iOS and outside of Apple’s commerce engine – Apple has no visibility in their technical and financial functionality, and limited ability to identify bad actors from the App Store and eliminate fraud by removing them.”

A The proposed settlement of the 2019 class-action lawsuit from the developers in August, Apple agreed to allow app developers to direct their customers to payment options outside the App Store. However, this discount only applies to communications outside the app, such as consumer emails for which the developer has contact information.

If Apple fails its application on Friday, it will be forced to allow developers to link to alternative payment options from the app until Dec. 9, which could affect its multi-billion dollar App Store business.

Although Apple representatives called the judge’s decision a “great victory,” they said an appeal was needed to challenge a “wrong order” that could cause irreparable harm to Apple and its customers. They said Apple was working on a possible solution to deal with the order, but declined to say what could happen.

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Last month, federal judge Evan Gonzalez Rogers, who oversaw the federal trial in Oakland, California, in May, awarded a possible go-to punch in a round that Apple could not force app makers to use its in-app payment service.

But to appease Apple and its investors, he rejected Epic’s argument that Apple and its app store were exclusive – the lynching of laws such as Apple, Alphabet Inc.’s Google GOOG,
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And Facebook Inc. FB,
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Epic quickly appealed the decision to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

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