APENFT partners with Tron-based Cool Cats

The APENFT Foundation extends its efforts to support promising and emerging non-fungal token projects in the Tron Network. The company has announced a new strategic partnership with Tron Cool Cats একটি a spin-off of the Ethereum-based collection.

This new partnership will focus on providing ongoing marketing and product development support to Tron Cool Cats. Following the recent construction of a 100 million fund dedicated to investing in high-quality NFT projects, APENFT has stepped up efforts to find such industrial collections in the rapidly evolving Tron NFT landscape ecosystem.

“This strategic partnership with APENFT means a great deal for our team and the entire Cool Cat community. This agreement will not only help our cats grow faster and stronger, it is a statement of our commitment to providing quality industry and outstanding secondary market support.” The company wrote in an email to NewsBTC.

The APENFT Foundation is a project committed to bringing emerging and tier-one industries to the blockchain in the form of a curious token. Despite not being around for a long time, the company has already played a significant role in supporting some of the most popular and fast-selling NFT collections on the Tron network, such as Tpunks and Tron Meebits. APENFT is the world’s leading crypto artist and owns more than ০ 900 million worth of digital artwork in Pakistan.

Tron Cool Cat Minting: Meowing running on the tron

As with most of the world famous NFT collections, Tron Cool Cats consists of a series of 10,000 randomly created works of art. Each of these kittens has a unique combination of visual features, such as eye color, fur shade, hair style, clothing, among many others. These truly unique (and beautiful) cats rely on the help of Palmer Labs.

Unlike the first Ethereum-launched series, Tron Cool cats were created using the new TRC-721 standard. As the NFT market continues to expand its boundaries, artists and developers are exploring options to reduce mining costs. Through its new benchmarks for NFTs, the Tron Network provides a cost-effective alternative to Ethereum.

Following in the footsteps of previous projects on this network, Tron Cool Cats is offering a fixed mint price of 500 1,500 TRX or 135. If these kittens follow the fate of their Etherium predecessors, holders may be looking at a 150X price increase. As of this writing, the price for Ethereum Cool Cats stands at 6.6 ETH or 19,200.

Minting of Tron Cool cats can be done using the Tron Link-Tron ecosystem for participants from both wallet-web-based browsers and mobile devices. Clever wallets are also supported, according to project representatives.

In addition to meows, Tron Cool cats have much more to share with their owners. The project has set a 10% TRX pool for multiple kittens. In other words, cat lovers with more than 30 cats are entitled to be partners in the raised TRX.

As a next step, Tron Cool Cats is getting ready to release its own marketplace, where cat fans will be able to buy, sell and bid with absolute market transparency. But in the meantime, NFT collectors still have time to catch these tiny but potentially very valuable animals.

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