Anti-immigration TV personality has threatened to oust Le Pen in the French election

Anti-immigration television commentator Eric Jemur has emerged in the latest public opinion polls ahead of the recent French presidential election and has threatened to remove right-wing leader Marine Le Pen as the main candidate to challenge incumbent Emmanuel Macron.

For the first round of the April election, Jemmur achieved a 13 percent turnout, up from a percentage of weeks ago when he was included as a potential candidate three weeks ago. According to a Harris Interactive poll released this week, Le Pen has fallen from a high of 28 percent in the summer to 16 percent.

Although Macron’s first-round support for re-election is stable at 23 percent, and current polls show he will still face Le Pen in the second round, Jemmo has rejected French political debate over immigration, Islam and law and order in recent weeks, Le Pen’s campaign and center-right. Destabilizing potential Republican candidates. Jemmur has not yet officially started his candidacy.

“There is a risk of radicalization of the campaign,” said Jean-Yves Camus, an expert on extremist politics. “He will get some votes from former supporters [then centre-right candidate François] Philon in 2017, and some from Marine Le Pen.

The French left behind “neither right nor left” Macron succeeded in 2017 as president of the socialist Franোয়াois Hollande. Fox News – Accelerated the shift to the right in the country’s politics.

Jammu has twice been convicted of racial or religious incitement. He called for the expulsion of 2 million foreigners from France.

While the Macron government has criticized Jemmur’s views, it has also ignored its policies in recent weeks to limit immigration and emphasize crime.

On Tuesday, government spokesman Gabriel Attal announced that France would reduce the number of visas to the North African countries of Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco because they refused to repatriate illegal immigrants from France.

Jemmour mocked the timing of the move, seven months before the French election, saying he had long offered to put pressure on foreign governments but was dismissed as extremist. He said that suddenly the moderate government of Emanuel Macron adopted the method of extremists.

Interior Minister Gerald Dermanin said in an interview with the right-wing newspaper Le Figaro on Wednesday that the government had closed the mosque and that the organizations were controlled by Islamist extremists. “No government has ever done so much against political Islam,” he said.

Other politicians have also taken to the field. Le Pen, who has always opposed mass immigration but has sought to “detoxify” his party and his reputation for racism, called for a referendum this week on citizenship, identity and immigration control. Michelle Bernier, one of the potential candidates for the Center-Right LR, has called for a three- to five-year moratorium on immigration.

Jemmour has left behind all the minor candidates, right and left, in the election, including the Socialist Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo. His 1 per cent put him in fourth place, equal to Jean-Luc Melenchon of the left-wing La France Insumaize (France Unboyd) party, and in second place.

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