Anthony Joshua should allow Tyson Fury to fight Alexander Usik, then face the winner, says promoter Frank Warren Boxing News

Anthony Joshua has been asked by producer Frank Warren to allow Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usik to decide the undisputed heavyweight championship.

The unbeaten pair Fury and Usik Dionte hold every big belt in the division after their exceptional wins against Wilder and Joshua but the clash between them, to make the No. 1 right decision, is very much impossible in the next year.

Joshua has reintroduced match clauses to fight Usike, expected in the spring of 2022, to restore the ISF, WBA and WBO belts.

Usaik defeated Joshua after a great performance

“It shouldn’t be done with him,” said Warren, the UK-based promoter of WBC champion Fury. Sky Sports About Joshua

“It’s his choice.

“If he hits it on the head, it opens the door to our integration [Fury vs Usyk].

“Let AJ get a preparatory fight [a rematch with Usyk].

“Maybe he fights the winner [of Fury vs Usyk] Which is still a big fight. “

Warren Fury vs. Usick said: “They have similar skills. Tyson will not fight him like AJ. Tyson will use his physical qualities, his size and reach and win the battle.”

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‘Tyson Fury is the king of the heavyweight division!’

Joshua and Fury came close to agreeing on an undisputed title fight until dramatic discussions earlier this year.

Warren believes Fury vs. Usik is now a dream fight of division.

“Absolutely but it can’t be because they’ve had a reunion with AJ,” Warren said.

“I think Usik will defeat him again.

“If there were another 20 seconds, Usik AJ would have stopped.

“He shook her quickly and almost took her out. Next time she’ll want to knock AJ.

“The only way AJ defeated him was to do what Wilder did – to force himself.

“I don’t see AJ winning that match.”

Anthony Joshua, Alexander Usik
Joshua is ready to reunite with Yusik next year

Alexander Krasiuk, Usik’s promoter, had earlier told Sky Sports about his plans to face Fury: “It will happen after Usik beats AJK in the match again.

Asked if Usaik was impressed by how Fury had beaten Wilder, Krasiuk said: “He was. [badly hurt] Each other. “

Dillian White advised Joshua: “The only thing he needs to change is his mentality.

“Forget trying to make people happy and impress people. You’re not going to out-box him.

“You’re a big, strong man. Take the fight to Usik!”

Why would WBC be established as a mandatory challenger in the Fury Belt if Teet defeated Auto Wallin in October?

Warren said: “If White beats Wallin’s hand, whatever happens, they’ll meet again. It could be another noise.”

White said: “Hopefully now WBC is asserting my position and there is no alternative to Fury.

“It’s a huge British war, a big fight for Britain.”

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Dillian White: WBC will definitely force Fury to fight me

Fury’s last five fights have been in the United States and Warren says in the UK about the fight for repatriation: “I would like it but it will be his choice.”

Sky Sports ’Carl Froch speculated that Fury could retire after coming through his classic rivalry with Wilder.

“He could have done it if he wanted to,” Warren said. “But he likes boxing. He doesn’t care about it.

“He will decide what he wants to do because he is in the driving seat.

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Carl Froch said he would not be surprised if Tyson Fury retired

“If he fights, he will fight against whom he chooses to fight.

“He will choose who he will ring with because he is the man. He is the best heavyweight of his generation.

“He went to Germany to meet Vladimir Klitschko, a heavyweight of his generation. He closed his ears to show him one side.

He visited America three times [Wilder’s] Beat the back yard and the hardest puncher out there.

“I can’t think of any British fighter who did it.

“He was an underdog in these four fights. He was written in their first and second fights against Klitschko and Wilder.

“Joe Kaljage? ‘Prince’ Nasim Hamd? But Tyson is special.”

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Hooghly Fury fights live in Sky Sports on Saturday – can he be the world champion?

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