Another epidemic with the devastating effects of climate change – a global issue

Hasoumi Masaudu points out that his country and region are suffering from repeated droughts and floods, as well as locust infestations and the annual loss of thousands of hectares of agricultural land. Due to deterioration.

Quoting President Mohammad Bajum, he said the world needs more political will to win the fight against climate change.

“It is Niger’s hope that COP26 in Glasgow will serve as a framework to reaffirm political goodwill in tackling the effects of climate change,” he said, noting that some major barriers include money and technology transfers for developing countries.

Climate and conflict

As current interim member of the UN Security Council, the foreign minister noted that his country is co-chairing an expert group with Ireland, which aims to adopt a resolution on the climate crisis.

“It is our conviction that is associated with fragility Climate change is a worrying cause of conflict and humanitarian crisis“, He said.

Mr Masudou added that Niger clearly understood this interrelationship because it currently finds itself surrounded by a “hotbed of instability” and facing attacks from “terrorist forces”.

He said, however, that despite the size and lack of resources of their country, Niger has shown itself resilient by maintaining its territorial integrity and stability.

This is due to the foresight of the Niger government, the courage and determination of its defense and security forces, and the invaluable support of multilateral organizations such as bilateral partners.

The return of the displaced community

The foreign minister further told the assembly that as part of a pilot program last June, Niger was able to repatriate nearly 1,000,000 people years after they were displaced.

“We have finally set a goal of repatriating about 1,000,000 displaced people from Difa to the Nigerian state of Borno,” he said.

Mr Masudau said his government was sure that tFaultism and organized crime are the consequence of other ongoing challenges Which must be overcome, especially poverty and inequality.

“Military action alone will not only defeat our terrorism, but also empower us to implement development programs and meet the needs of our people,” he said.

A turning point for democracy

The Foreign Minister said that despite being overshadowed by 2021 Kovid-1 by, the year was a turning point for the consolidation of democracy in his country.

He said Niger was able to transfer another peaceful political power from the first elected president.

Finally, Mr. Masudau called on the international community to take a similar stance in the fight against COVID-1 to address other challenges, such as climate change. “Another epidemic with devastating effects”.

“In Niger, we believe that we are committed to upholding the ideals [UN] The Charter and the values ​​of peace, the solidarity that reflects this, will allow us to continue this fight to build a world of peace, justice and prosperity. “

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