Animoca Brands has raised M 5M for NFT Marketplace, Quidd

Quid, a marketplace for digital collections and a subsidiary of the Animoka brand, has raised a total of প্রাক 5 million in private pre-sales and an initial DEX offer (IDO).

The token sale took place November 18 at the Polkadot Project Incubator Polkastarter. The allotment of 2 million QUIDD tokens at US 0.25 per token sold out within an hour, raising 500,000.

Earlier this month, the private sale of Ethereum-based QUIDD tokens raised মার্কিন 4 million from investors, including Binance Smart Chain Growth Fund, Genesis Block Ventures, Kingsway, Mind Fund Group Limited, Sanctuary Capital, OneFootball and other angel investors.

During the pre-sale on November 3 at the launchpad of the Animoca brand, 1,001 vouchers were sold in 22 minutes. Each voucher costs about $ 500, bringing the total pre-sale price to $ 500,000. Vouchers can be used to redeem 2,500 QUIDD tokens after May 3, 2022.

Following its successful IDO, the token was made available for trading on the Binance smart chain decentralized exchange platform, PancakeSwap. Tokens are currently traded for a number of Animokar-owned tokens, including Wrapped BNB (WBNB), and Tower (TOWER), REVV (REVV), Lympo Market Token (LMT), Prosper (PROS), and Bondly (BONDLY).

The current value of the token is $ 3.28, which represents an increase of 1,212% from the IDO value of 25 0.25. This is 31.9% lower than the all-time high of 20 4.73 on November 20, and has a total supply of one billion tokens.

Animoka Brands is a Hong Kong-based gaming software company and venture capital company that specializes in blockchain gaming.

Yat Siu, the firm’s executive chairman and co-founder, said the QUIDD token represents the “evolution of collectibles in digital format”.

Michael Bramlage, CEO and co-founder of Quid, added that the token marks Quid’s movement toward the world of Web 3.0.

“Old collectible markets talk about acquiring users for buying and selling. QUIDD tokens help us build a community of the future. “

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The Quid Marketplace has over 7 million users and over 2.1 billion nonfungeable artworks for sale.

In an announcement shared with Cointelegraph, Quidd described its marketplace as “chain-agnostic”, noting that tokens would “allow buyers and collectors to mint their collectibles on their preferred networks, such as Ethereum, WAX and Flow.”

QUIDD token holders are entitled to vote using Quidd’s content and licensing budget.

On October 21, Animoca raised $ 65 million, with more than 43.8 million newly issued shares at 1 1.51 per share.

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