Andrew Wiggins of the Warriors is not wise not to get the covid vaccine

Andrew Wiggins’ spot with the Golden State is in danger as a result of his indescribable vaccine skepticism.
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Andrew Wiggins has refused to take the Covid-1 vaccine, as reported San Francisco Chronicle, And supported by ESPN’s report -Perfect intersection near inactivity.

Along Stupid Boulevard, the main street of Stupid Town, Wiggins expressed the same attitude in March, when he spoke of his decision not to be vaccinated, saying, “I make my own decision.” This framing has always been silly, but only the full FDA approval of the vaccine, the millions of people who have been successfully vaccinated and everyone else in the traffic on Wiggins and Stupid Boulevard have been vaccinated against measles, mumps, polio and other diseases, like school To be able – though, as far as I can tell, is now a fool in the Florida State Senate Pushing back all the vaccines, Even those who have worked for decades.

Wiggins was waiting for more information about the COVID vaccine six months ago? There is information. The vaccine does not completely prevent you from catching COVID, but it does help you Avoid spreading it, Keep you as well Out of the hospital And, you know, alive.

Then, drowning down Stupid Street, right in the middle of Stupid Town, Wiggins’ basketball career. Wiggins is now 26, and after seven seasons in the NBA, it’s pretty clear he’ll never be able to stay in his high position as the No. 1 pick in the 2014 draft. It is clear that the best players in that category are Joel MBD, Aaron Gordon, Nikola Djokovic, Jack Lavine and Julius Randall. And those are just obvious, before you even talk about Bogdan Bogdanović, Clint Capela, Spencer Dinwiddie, Joe Harris, or Marcus Smart. If you only put together a roster of the 2014 draft picks, Wiggins is not a rotating player, and even Jordan Clarkson, Jeremy Grant and Joseph Nurkich may not be on the roster.

Still, Wiggins is a good NBA player, and coming into a tough stats season with Golden State where he made the highest 47.7 percent shots of his career, scoring 18.6 points per game and his second-lowest turnover rate was career

That performance also came as part of a disappointing season for his team, as Golden State finished eighth in the West, losing to the Lakers in the first play-in game, then losing to the Grizzlies in the second play-off game.

Is Wiggins really going to be 14.9 shots per game to take once? Clay Thompson and James Wiseman Back to the Golden State lineup? What if the two first-round picks this year, Jonathan Cuminga and Moses Moody, are ready to make an impact? And if you don’t need more scoring from Golden State Wiggins, it’s easy for Steve Kerr to give minutes to his agent signing auto Porter Jr., who Higher than Wiggins Almost every non-scoring aspect of the game.

There’s also a simple fact that by becoming obsolete, Wiggins is going to make NBA life harder for himself, having to sit separately on the plane and at party functions, as well as risking his availability to play because he has so many chances of a serious deal. Coronavirus cases.

Imagine having a chance to play with Thompson, Steve Curry and Dremond Green, but you decide because of some things you read on the internet, you want to give it up and stand firm against a ticker that is not just a personal choice, but protects all the people around you. About to.

At the intersection of Stupid Boulevard and Stupid Street, Wiggins came for his coronation as the new mayor of Stupid Town.

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