Andorra 0-5 England

Gareth Southgate celebrated five years as England boss, winning 0-0 in Andorra, which put his team at the top of the first group of the World Cup qualifiers and brought them closer to sealing their place in 2022 Qatar.

Ben Chilwell’s first goal for his country woke up England and VAR canceled an offside call (18), before Buccayo Saka (40) had the advantage to double the advantage before breaking out from an excellent pass from standout Phil Foden.

Tammy Abraham marks England’s first appearance in 11 months with Jadon Sancho’s second assist of the night (59) before close-range finishing, James Ward-Prose following his saved penalty (79) – which was rewarded by history – to create female referee Katarina Manzul – Match the scoreline from the September reverse fixture at Wembley.

Jack Grellish – who won the penalty – then scored five when Chilwell scored his first international goal (), receiving a long-range pass from goalkeeper Sam Johnstone as England placed their opponents 156th in the world rankings.

Nearly a thousand England fans celebrated the victory inside the Estady National D’Andora, who were able to support their team away from home for the first time in almost two years – with just three games left to go to the World Cup qualifiers – with Wembley to play Hungary on Tuesday. .

The rest of England fixtures

October 12 – Hungary

November 12 – Albania (h)

November 15 – San Marino (a)

Player rating

England: Johnstone (7), Tripier (6), Stones (6), Cody (7), Chillwell (7), Word-Proud (7), Saka (8), Lingard (6), Sancho (9), Abraham (7) )), Faden (9).

Subs: Tomori (6), Grealish (8), Mount (6), Watkins (N / A)

Man of the Match: Phil Faden

How it happened …

There were some concerns about whether the fixture would move forward after the pitch-side fire the day before the game but when referee Manzul blew the whistle during the kick-off একটি a historic historic moment with all the female team of officials in charge প্রথম for the first time ever a senior men’s England game-goers Went on foot, which included a series of word-of-mouth set-pieces sent to the Andorra penalty area.

Team news

England boss Gareth Southgate named an offensive line-up to bring back goalkeeper Sam Johnstone, day captain Kieran Tripper and left-hander Ben Chilwell.

James Ward-Pros and Jesse Lingard যারা both of whom were eliminated from the Euro 2020 squad বুক joined Buccayo Saka midfield, while Jadon Sancho and Phil Foden were by Tammy Abraham’s side.

Abraham was supposed to have a Sancho cross and Chillwell widened wide within the first 15 minutes, but shortly after the left-back য who was out of the first team frame and had a replacement call-up in this squad পর after Sancho was cut from the blasted Foden Pass, VAR’s With a long check, Stephanie Frapart canceled an offside call against the Manchester United man.

Ben Chilwell opened the scoring for England

Sancho had two markers on him but collected his tactics and before reaching Ibrahim’s target, John Stones sent his own air effort for a goal-kick.

Bukayo Saka, Andorra vs. England
Bukayo Saka celebrates after making his strike 2-0

England finally qualified for their first-half dominance five minutes earlier.

Shortly after Sancho and Chillwell resumed work with Andorra goalkeeper Josep Gomez, England’s left side proved profitable again, and Sanchoi placed another just before the bell mark, which Abraham crossed to mark six yards out.

Tammy Abraham, Andorra vs. England
Tammy Abraham scored against Andorra

Andorra’s Mark Rebes was previously booked for a hand on Chilwell’s stomach and the focus was on referee Manzul when he decided not to show the midfielder a second yellow when he grabbed Connor Cody by the elbow in the 67th minute.

But with 11 men on the pitch, the tiring Andorra struggled to control England and allowed Txus Rubio’s trip to the sub-grill to convert Ward’s trip into a second attempt after Gomez guessed the right path with his spot-kick.

There was still time for England to make five, Grellish was cornered before dribbling in the Andorra defense, and this was Southgate’s nd2nd win from five games in his charge – a win that the Three Lions’ qualification is now almost a formality.

What the manager said …

England boss Gareth Southgate: “It was a certain kind of challenge: a low, packed defense to break. We picked a team of players who could take that challenge. You saw the link play from midfield in particular and I thought the whole app was great.

“We know those diagonal runs are wide – Ben Chillwell made them throughout the game – and with the help of Phil Foden he could hit them like word-of-mouth … against a situation, but those diagonal runs behind were a real threat.

“There were some beautiful moments: Chilwell had a hard time with us in the summer to score a goal, I’m really happy for him, and so was Jack’s first goal. They didn’t all score often for England so it’s a special moment for all of them.”

Opta Stats – Young Guns Shots in England

What next?

England continue their World Cup qualifiers with a tour of Hungary Wembley on Tuesday; Kick-off evening 7.45 Andorra traveled to San Marino the same evening to finish double work on the bottom race of the group.

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