It’s been a long time since Kelly’s camouflage trial is coming. After a delay due to Covid-1 to, the six-week trial is over and R. Kelly has been convicted. After two days of deliberations, a jury of seven men and five women convicted him on nine counts, including fraud and sex trafficking, in a federal court in Brooklyn.

Although the verdict has been set, it does not appear that his legal team is accepting the results. After this order, r. “Of course, Mr. Kelly is disappointed. He did not expect the verdict because, based on the evidence, why he would expect it, “Daveroux told Nav This News.

As he continues to speak, he claims that the government has found “cherry-pick” evidence to support their narrative. He went on to say, “You didn’t see what we saw in the discovery. You will not see all the inconsistencies. We briefly said that the government chose the version of Cherry that they thought would support the continuity of the narrative.

Before he could finish speaking to the press, Deverex informed them that the fight was not over yet. He advised that he would appeal against the verdict before the journalists left. Deverex was not the only one outside of Brooklyn’s federal courthouse. A group of female supporters were also out against the verdict, which is said to have a long sentence.

According to The NY Times, r. However, his actual sentencing hearing is scheduled for May, 2022. Roommate, we’ll keep you updated when more information is available!

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