An experiment to stop online abuse falls in Germany

“We have zero tolerance for hate speech and support NetGDG’s goal,” Facebook said in a statement.

Twitter, which received about 833,000 complaints and removed about 81,000 posts at the same time, said most of these posts did not fit the definition of illegal speech, but still violated the company’s terms of service.

“Threats, offensive content and harassment all have the power to silence people,” Twitter said in a statement. “However, regulations and laws like this also have the potential to cool freedom of speech by encouraging global governance to enact legislation as a way to prevent dissent and legitimate discourse.”

YouTube, which has received nearly 212,000 complaints and removed nearly 1,000,000 pieces of content in the first months of the year, declined to comment on whether it was complying with the law.

The amount of hate speech has been increasingly pronounced during the election season, according to researchers at Reset and HateAid, organizations that track hate speech online and push for stricter legislation.

The groups reviewed nearly one million comments on right-wing and conspiratorial groups across nearly 5,000,000 Facebook posts in June, and found that about 5 percent had violated the “highly toxic” or online hate speech law. Some bad stuff, including the message of Nazi symbolism, was online for more than a year. Of the 100 posts the groups reported on Facebook, about half were removed in a few days, while others remained online.

There has also been a wave of misinformation, including false claims about voter fraud.

The 40-year-old leader of the Green Party and the only female candidate to replace Mrs Merkel, Analina Bairbok, has been subjected to an irresistible amount of abuse compared to her male rivals in other parties, including sex. Disseminating obscene and misinformation, according to researchers.

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