Amsa will integrate IoT technology with IoTeX ry CryptoNinjas in its Crypto Micro Streaming Income app

Amasa, a crypto micro-income stream app, today announced a new partnership with IoTeX, the blockchain-driven network of Internet of Things (IoT). IoTeX was founded to create a seamless ecosystem of integrated IoT devices that can communicate in a trusted, secure, and privacy-protecting manner.

IoTeX is helping people create and own new data streams, and will help Amasa users better monetize those streams in a growing number of ways. Through partnerships like this, IoTeX and Amasa are helping to launch a beautiful, more secure and more profitable Web 3.0 future.

The IoTeX product lineup includes Temper-proof devices like Peber, which can be attached to Temper-proof smart contracts. Pebble creates real-world data feeds with applications across remote monitoring, transportation and delivery, mobile asset tracking and process automation.

All data generated from these devices can be fed directly into the fancy shared data economy based on new verifiable, reliable and secure data.

Amasa + Iotex

Providing an ecosystem of int to users worldwideEGreat for smart devices and connected experiences free from privacy or surveillance concerns, IoTeX is helping IoT launch in the future by protecting the interests of smart device users as well as helping device manufacturers push IoT in new directions.

Empowering trusted data from trusted devices for use in trusted dApps, IoTeX launches a new segment of the Web 3.0 app where users can acquire reputation-based digital resources in real-world activities. IoTeX’s ecosystem is powered by IOTX tokens, which connect to the physical and digital worlds.

Sharing data from smart devices and creating vast opportunities for revenue-generating activities, the goal of the rapidly evolving Iotex ecosystem is to help keep millions of devices in the blockchain.

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