America’s first legal appeal to reject FOIA request to DOJ targeting school board ‘violence’

Exclusive: America First Legal filed an appeal on Tuesday after the judiciary refused to expedite the speedy processing of their Freedom of Information Act, seeking information on the department’s October memorandum, promising to address “threats of violence” against school boards and teachers.

The DOJ argued that the issue was “not a matter of widespread media interest.”

But America First Legal’s lawyers believe rejecting their request could be a politically motivated stall strategy, noting that they have no problem getting the request quickly with other federal government agencies.

America’s first legal request for FOIA rejected by DOJ targeting school board ‘violence’

“On the one hand, the judiciary believes that a huge national security force must be created against parents who oppose critical racism – the beginning of a major national scandal,” said the first U.S. legal president and former senior adviser. Former President TrumpStephen Miller told Fox News on Monday.

“On the other hand, when confronted with the AFL’s critical oversight request, the department now pretends that the issue is ‘not in the interest of the mass media.’

This October, 2020 file photo shows Stephen Miller, a senior adviser to President Trump.  (AP Photo / Patrick Semansky, file)

This October, 2020 file photo shows Stephen Miller, a senior adviser to President Trump. (AP Photo / Patrick Semansky, file)

The fight comes on an October 4 memo Released by DOJ Which promised to address the so-called “increase” in “threats of violence” against school officials.

But critics of the memo say DOJ is targeting parents at the meeting to express their concerns about school policy, which has recently turned into a heated debate over compulsory masks, gender policy and curriculum-critical race theory.

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America First Legal submitted the request in hopes of disclosing information motivating the new DOJ effort, if the administration’s potential allies, such as the National School Boards Association, could influence the department’s decision-making.

Lawyers for America First Legal further told Fox News that they are looking for DOJ to cite statistics to support claims that criminal activity and threats have increased, arguing that such memos should be standardized with such statistics.

The judiciary could not be immediately reached for comment.

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