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For the first time in 18 months, Beanie Feldstein is back in New York “for good” and she wants to say for this record that she is thrilled. It’s not that illustration Impeachment: American Crime Story And donating Monica Lewinsky’s blue Brett was not the most remarkable of the 28-year-olds. Booksmart Actress. That is, well, Elizabeth Greer looks very good to be “Beanie” Feldstein, but also a former intern in the White House and an icon of the 90’s অবশ্যই certainly no disrespect to her good friend Lewinsky.

On a vague sunny morning during New York Fashion Week in early September, Feldstein flew like a bird into Kate Spade’s pop-up apple orchard, all screaming and cheering. Dressed in an all-leopard print and a neon pink handbag, she’s here to mark the brand’s new I Love NY collection, and she’s given no sign that she’s still wrestling with the passion of the show she wrapped up just two weeks ago. At least for the moment, he has weighed in on a story plagued by misinformation, betrayal and abuse of power. A small portion of Feldstein’s Lewinsky story has been recovered, he thinks, so it seems reasonable to have some coffee, a honey-crispy apple and a little celebration.

“I went to a lot of events for this [Kate Spade], And they are always very happy. It reminds us of our artistry, the creativity of this city. I always rely on the clearer, more straightforward side [of fashion], But always with color and fun. I love talking to people; I’m very gregarious, “Feldstein said, then smiled, as if to add, Obviously.

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Yet, the more we talk, the more contemplative aspects of Feldstein emerge. There is then a hint of how well the young actress knew Luinski and how he found solidarity with a woman so trivial for his affection. Launches the latest episode of FX Impeachment, Where Linda Tripp (Sarah Paulson) betrayed Lewinsky by tapping her phone call, Feldstein’s most heartbreaking scenes are finally being sorted out by the public. Below, Feldstein discusses how he came to his most demanding role – and whether he survives with no regrets.

When you learned it [show creator] Ryan Murphy remembered you, and you alone, for this role, what was your reaction?

I fell to the floor a lot. I was in London, and I was in my partner’s apartment, and I had to hold the handle of the oven door because I was right … I needed to fix myself. I think Ryan is one of the brightest, most notable talents ever to exist and his work is so revolutionary. Then he asked me to be a producer and it was the most powerful moment of my whole life. His shows are their artwork, their creativity, they speak for themselves to push social boundaries, and he asked me to come to his show not only as an actor, but also with the production team. It changed my life.

Has he ever explained to you why he wanted you for the job?

No. But Monica actually said, and I didn’t know it [later], But he saw Booksmart, Which was amazing. He very kindly tweeted about the movie, so I knew he had seen it. When he saw it he was, “It reminds me of that kind of thing when I was in high school.” So both [Lewinsky and Murphy] There was the same thought at the same time.

Was there any hesitation in such a project, centering on such a high-profile event?

Never hesitate, but always have a great sense of responsibility. There is a difference. There was no hesitation, but the importance of responsibility and the importance of what we were doing. For me, obviously getting to know Monica personally, playing her honestly and with care and with subtlety and humanity was important.

What advice did you give him when Lewinsky spoke of embodying him, especially at that particular time in his life?

At the beginning of the story’s chronology, it’s 1995 for Monica. It’s before for other characters, but Monica has just graduated from college in Oregon. Four weeks after graduating from college, he literally moved to Washington. I think we all know that moment, if we are old enough to know that moment. You know who you are in the context of your family, your home life, a school organization. Who are you when you live in the world? That moment was filled with incredible excitement and curiosity. So, that’s what [Lewinsky] Really inspired me to understand. He was extremely intelligent and incredibly innocent, incredibly confident yet insecure.

Now watching the show, do you think you have done justice to the story? Do you have any regrets?

Well, I think that’s a very complex question. I won’t change anything about the script, the incredible direction, the casting as far as we’ve done. But as an actor I always took Nit-Piki. I can always find things like, “Come on, Beanie. Come on.” I humble myself, but as a producer I can fall behind … we’ve worked hard on this. It was 10 months of shooting. It had been almost three years since I got the call from now on. We put everything in it. I am incredibly grateful to be a member of that cast and crew, and I am so proud of that. As an actor, I’m still learning, you know?

This interview was edited and condensed for clarity.

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