Amazon to release ‘Mayor Pitt’

Amazon Studios has announced the upcoming release of ‘Mayor Pitt’, a documentary about how Pitt Buttigig and her husband Chastain “changed history” during the 2020 presidential campaign.

A trailer for the film was dropped last week and Amazon promoted it on social media.

The YouTube channel of Amazon Prime Video states that the film “will provide viewers with an unprecedented closeness with the candidate, her husband Chastain and their team, as well as the youngest U.S. president in the campaign to make Buttigig the title.”

“Win or lose,” the trailer said, “changed their story history.”

They lost. Hand in hand.

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How Mayor Pete ‘changed history’

The trailer for “Mayor Pitt” suggests that Buttigig and her husband, Chastain, have “changed history” by simply being gay.

An opening clip shows Buttigig on the campaign trail, saying, “This is the only chance you can vote for a Maltese American, a left-handed, episcopalian, gay war veteran.”

“You’ll tell every single gay kid in this country that it’s better,” Chesten says in another part of the trailer.

Butigig was the first openly gay candidate, not an indication of his ability to lead the nation to win the state’s presidential primary by ousting Bernie Sanders from the 2020 Iowa Democratic Caucus results.

A month later, after finishing fourth in South Carolina behind Joe Biden, Barney Sanders and Tom Stear, Batigig dropped out of the race.

He became transport secretary under President Biden, often considered the first publicly homosexual member of the president’s cabinet, the acting director of the National Intelligence Agency (DNI) under former President Donald Trump, Richard Grenell is controversial.

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MIA cabinet member said

It seems a bit strange pitch to refer to Mayor Pete Butigig as a transformational leader under the current climate.

The supply chain problem, some of which is under Butigig, has become so acute that White House officials have admitted to Christmas shopping this year, “there will be something that people will not get.”

Shortages of food and food shortages are becoming very common in businesses across the country.

As the crisis heated up and Americans became more concerned about supply chain problems, reports emerged that the man had “changed history” on paternity leave for nearly two months.

“You would think that at this moment – a moment where the future issue of infrastructure and infrastructure was number 1 – the Secretary of Transportation would be everywhere,” wrote Christopher Barron for Political Insider.

Oh well, at least they could catch ‘Mayor Pitt’ in action on Amazon Prime Video. Don’t order a hard copy on DVD for friends and family at Christmas – it’s probably not going to be delivered on time.

Hopefully the documentary will be better than Disney’s latest effort for Amazon including a true promotional film on Dr. Anthony Fawcett, the top infectious disease specialist in the Biden administration.

Top critics of Rotten Tomatoes have expressed excitement over the Fauci documentary, but viewer reviews have come to a different conclusion, giving an ‘audience score’ of only 2%.

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