Amazon September 2021 Event: Astro, Echo Show 15, Smart Thermostat

So far. Today, Ring says Always Home Camera will soon be available for 250 250 but only by invitation. The idea behind the camera is to use an active sensor and a “dedicated neural processing unit” to amplify sound or activity indoors, and then automatically fly away from its docking station – a receptacle that rests when the drone also blocks the camera – to record any movement at home. To do. Ring president Leela Ruhi said in an interview before the event that some design needs to be considered before the drone can be released. He said the camera should be able to identify where the windows are located, distinguish between scalping pets around the house and intruders, and avoid chandeliers.

All of this may be true, but the strong reactions to the release of internal drones last year could also put Amazon on the project for a while. “Under no circumstances should you keep an Amazon surveillance drone in your home,” the advocacy group Fight for the Future tweeted at the time. Okay, now some lucky customers will be able to do just that.

Ring Alarm Pro

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Amazon hopes you didn’t give up the ring, its smart-home brand that caught fire in 2019 for its controversial data-sharing deal with law enforcement and the spread of hacks. Ring’s new hardware is the Ring Alarm Pro, a security monitoring system that doubles as a router.

For 250, you’ll get a base station built into Eero’s Wi-Fi 6 router (Amazon bought the Eero in 2019). High-speed LTE backup keeps it running even when your internet is down. For a further $ 50, you’ll get a range extender, an alarm keypad, a motion detector and four sensors for windows and doors. The alarm has the ability to store videos locally with Ring Edge, which is great for anyone who doesn’t want their data in the cloud. It is available for Ring Alarm Pro and Ring Protector customers and comes with a 64-GB microSD card, which according to the company saves about 47 hours of video.

The Ring Protect plan also includes a new Pro subscription, which costs 200 200 a year or 20 20 a month. You will get professional monitoring, backup internet on all ring devices, access to Alexa Guard Plus helpline and more powerful online security using Arrow Secure.

Virtual Security Guard

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If you own a small business or have multiple homes or rental properties, Ring’s new virtual security guard may seem attractive. The third-party service’s id-rapid response, although Ring says other security surveillance agencies will join later তারা they can monitor outside cameras at any time in armed mode. These agents will be able to view and respond to motion alerts, such as triggering an alarm and alerting police if an intruder is identified. The ring says agents can only see live feeds when they detect motion, and the camera is never unarmed. You need to apply for initial admission.

New alert for ring’s doorbell and camera

With the ring’s existing doorbell and camera you can use two new alert types: package alert and custom event alert. Packages available in Video Doorbell 2 Pro and Video Doorbell (2020) with caution, you will receive a notification whenever packages are delivered to a specific region. Custom event alert rings work with spotlight cam batteries when an object is in a fixed position – such as when the garage door is open or the car is on the driveway. You can customize the exact area and objects you want to monitor, and the Ring app will send the necessary alerts to your phone.

Protect the job site

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Working at The Home Depot, Ring’s new Jobsite Security bundle aims to make it easier to monitor job sites. There are several bundles to customize to your liking, but they also include Ring Alarm Pro with the option to add the Ring Protect Pro subscription service for cellular connection to the 24/7 backup internet (to keep devices online while the internet is off). You will be able to buy and attach it with additional accessories like ring power pack, smart camera and smart lighting. It is available exclusively at Home Depot and bundles start at $ 400.

Blink video doorbell

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If you are not in the ring but always have a blink, another smart-home company has acquired Amazon. It has just announced its first video doorbell, complete with day and night 1080p 1080p video, alerts sent to your phone, two-way audio and up to two years of battery life (unless you choose to wire it). It is compatible with Echo and Fire devices, which you can use to monitor the camera and control it via Alexa voice commands. It starts at 50.

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