Amazon has launched the Early Black Friday deal


Those special, thank-you-give gifts on Black Friday that let you stock up on the best tech deals, collect discounted designer clothes, and finally snatch the beauty items of choice for sale once a year. While it may seem like mega sales are far away, you’re in luck: Amazon has just sold a price you’ll normally have to wait across all categories. We’re talking about a 70 70 discount on the AirPod, you’re buzzing about electronics for gifts right now, and Insta-famous winter coats with over 17,000 reviews. To narrow down your wish list, we present 13 best deals (and some that only sell for one day). Happy shopping, up front.

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Apple AirPods Pro

What can we say, Apple AirPods are hot.


Apple AirPods with charging case

Not everyone needs the ability to cancel the noise of the AirPods Pro. The OG style can be just as good.


Thickened jacket

This winter coat has a major online following and its 18,000 raving reviews are proof of that.



Wait, the Kindle comes white ?!


Karaoke microphone

Okay, this microphone is definitely for kids but it won’t stop you from wearing an “industry baby” belt.


080p wifi projector

If movie theaters are still low on your to-do list, a projector at home brings you a silver screen.


Lumbar support pillow for office chair

For those who are still working from home, back support should be a top priority (besides keeping your zoom camera off).


Adaptive foam 8-inch mattress

You spend one third of your life on your mattress. Make it a good one


Studio 3 Wireless Headphones

For AirPod annoyances, try using bit over-the-ear headphones for their audio quality.


Fire TV Stick 4K

Angry Squid game And don’t look back.


E4 robot vacuum cleaner

Tidy up your house with zero effort on your part.


Air purifier

Owning an air purifier is a fun entry into the “adult” game.


Galaxy SmartTag + Plus

Don’t lose your key anymore. Alternatively, give it as a gift to your favorite clutz.

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