All you need to know about the channel’s nostalgic runways

The channel of fashion’s past is back, and I’m not sure who wanted it (just kidding – just me, Millennium and General Z), but we can all rejoice at the results. Although a handful of designers had already boarded the Chanel vintage train, as in the early days, the Chanel was still steadfast in a more contemporary direction. Unbeknownst to us, it was all the lead in the Channels Spring’22 collection that unexpectedly culminated in sartorial nostalgia.

With fan-favorite faces such as Adut Akech and Jill Cortlev Runway, each section of the 72-look presentation amazes viewers, making it an effective contender for one of the most exciting collections of the season. First, there was swimming, which I argued we needed more, but the absence * creates love (if it is any reunion for itching to stock up on Chanel bikinis). The show begins with a one-piece swimsuit, with significantly higher cuts on the buttocks and dramatically lower cuts on the neck as a way to reel in the ’90s. From hot pants, biker jumpsuits to necklines, to low-rise maxi skirts with hip cut-outs, the first nine looks are full of throwback goodness. But alas, there is more.

As the show progresses, we see creative director Virginia Weird play with a number of ideas: a more contemporary section that lends itself well to summer yacht travel, an exploration of the 60s in 2021, something that simply looks like “Barbie,” “Knights”. And again, hot pants), and a master class on how to cool overlays again

Many runway collections don’t think there is “something for everyone” and yet, Channel Spring’22 does effectively. Of course, there are people like me who want about everything (but well, I’ll settle for window shopping from my iPhone). Ready to hang out? Go ahead and think about some of the best looks on the show – we’re here to tell you what we’re talking about.

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