All players earn in crypto tanks regardless of the outcome of the battle

The play-to-earn gaming economy continues to grow due to widespread public demand.

A new game running on crypto tanks, polygon and binance smart chains, using NFT technology to empower players. Bringing a military and shooter-based game into the play-to-earn ecosystem is a further extension of this growing ecosystem.

The CryptoTanks Game has been explained

Several play-to-earn blockchain games have proved successful in recent months. From Axie Infinity to StarAtlas and MOBOX, there is a lot of speed in space. Players enjoy the idea of ​​controlling their in-game assets and their potential monetization in the future. How video games should be: Players control their assets and communicate with others through the built-in marketplace to earn passive income.

CryptoTanks follows the same thought train, though its game is somewhat different. The military theme is a different spin from blockchain gaming, as there are still a limited number of game types available today. However, any game can use blockchain technology and NFT to empower its players and there is still a lot of research going on.

Understand the mechanics of CryptoTanks: Play the game using in-game tanks, take part in battles, do thorough searches, and upgrade machines to enhance their features and quality. Each in-game item is a non-fungible token (NFT) that players can exchange for real money. Since CryptoTanks does not require the purchase of expensive NFTs to start the game, the game is moving to a free-to-play / play-to-earn level.

While not everyone will be a fan of 8-bit gameplay, it is an enjoyable experience and makes it accessible to players of all ages. However, it is worth noting that the game has remarkable variations, as the scenes will change regularly. Additionally, the game offers multiple game modes, including single and team-based play. Experience three game modes, $ TANK can pay tokens or pay.

Similar to Battle City

A closer look at CryptoTanks reveals an overlap with Battle City games for the Nintendo and Gameboy consoles released in 1985. Some elements are similar, yet CryptoTanks’ team has added meow locations, missions, tanks, combat methods, decentralized money, and non-fungible token aspects. This is a modern reboot of a cult classic that was published decades ago.

Through CryptoTanks, players can explore a world of nostalgia while benefiting from the development of new technologies in the cryptocurrency community. DFI and NFT introduce new gaming incentives, such as the ability to acquire or retain in-game resources to work for a living. Players can still enjoy Battle City’s iconic-bit graphics but with some modern twists. CryptoTanks, as a gamified yield farming project, combines beauty with nostalgia and guaranteed rewards.

What are the benefits of CryptoTanks?

Where players need to invest a significant advance for other games, crypto tanks take a different approach. Players can buy NFT tanks from the market. Additionally, players can rent tanks from other players to share the winning revenue. The third option is to get the TANK token by playing the game and fulfilling the objectives.

The team’s goal is to make crypto tanks as accessible as possible. Combined with mobile applications for Android, desktop applications for Mac OS and Windows, a step in the right direction. Launching on iOS would be great, as mobile games are common nowadays. Players earn $ TANK tokens for each game regardless of the result, there will always be a way to convert game time into real money.

The developers are planning to launch more functionality in the future. One of them will make the player a unique character with personality traits. Taking that path will create a unique experience for everyone, which is unusual in the gaming industry. Whether this is possible is a different matter. Assuming this, there will be different types of classes, yet two players in the same class will not have the same experience.

Think off

It’s interesting to see more game types in the play-to-earn blockchain universe. Most of the current games are fantasy and RPG-themed, yet there are dozens of gaming genres. The combination of that trend with blockchain and NFT technology can give rise to innovative ideas over time.

If that experience can be made unique to each player, the industry will probably grow tremendously. Developers tend to push the boundaries of what is supposed to be possible. All of these improvements will prove beneficial for video games as a whole, even if not all titles adopt the play-to-earn model.

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