Algeria withdraws French ambassador after ‘unacceptable intervention’ News of politics

The French daily Le Monde reported that President Macron made critical remarks about Algeria during a meeting.

Algeria has accused its former colonial ruler France of “genocide” and withdrew its ambassador from Paris in anger over “unacceptable” remarks blaming French President Emmanuel Macron.

A statement from the Algerian president announced the withdrawal of the Algerian ambassador from France for “consultation” on Saturday evening.

The move comes amid tensions over the French decision to rapidly reduce the number of visas for citizens of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

“After comments that have not been denied, which has been blamed by several French source names [Macron], Algeria expresses clear rejection of unacceptable interference in its internal affairs, “the statement said, adding that the French comments were” unbearable protests “by Algerians who died fighting French colonialism.

The statement said, “The crimes of colonial France in Algeria are innumerable and fit the strict definition of genocide.”

The French daily Le Monde reported that Macron made critical remarks about Algeria on Thursday, along with descendants of Harkis, who fought for the French during the Algerian war of independence.

According to Le Monde, Macron said that Algeria was ruled by a “political-military system” and described the country’s “official history” as “not based on truth” but completely rewritten “in hate speech” towards France. “

The paper added that he made it clear that he was not referring entirely to Algerian society but to the ruling class.

Salah Abdelkrim received the Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur from French President Emmanuel Macron on September 20 during a ceremony commemorating Algeria’s Hercules, who helped the French army in the Algerian war of independence. [File: Gonzalo Fuentes/AFP]

Visa tension

France says the decision to reduce visas for Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, announced last Tuesday, was necessary to allow the return of rejected asylum seekers from France due to the failure of the former colony.

On Wednesday, the Algerian Foreign Ministry summoned French Ambassador Franোয়াois Gouet and handed over a “formal protest” note regarding the visa ruling.

It called the visa reduction an “unfortunate act” that created “confusion and ambiguity about its motivation and scope.”

Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Baurita called the French move “unjust.”

Tunisian President Kais Sayed expressed frustration with the decision by telephone with Macron on Saturday, his office said, adding that the French leader said it could be amended.

Saturday’s decision marks the second time Algeria has withdrawn an ambassador from France.

After the French media aired a documentary on the diamond movement, Algiers also summoned its ambassador in May 2020, following a popular protest in Algeria in 2011.

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