Alex Jones Defamation Loss A Warning for Fox News

Eri Melbar of MSNBC said the verdict against Alex Jones in the Sandy Hook defamation case was a warning to Fox News and the right-wing media.

Ori Melbar’s video:

Melbour said on his MSNBC show The Beat, “That step now and this verdict Now a reminder for others Those could be there Do similar things or already Yes, this is a warning shot For example, right-wing news Outlets like Newsmax and Fox News of defamation and lies About people or our voting system Let’s light a fire The conspiracy that led many Lean towards violence Rebellion Free speech protects many Things This protects the offender Ideas. It does not protect the contaminant Defamation or work which Directly incites violence. ”

Sandy Hooke’s case could do what the government has failed to do since the end of the Fairness Doctrine, with the possibility of losing .7 2.7 billion in the case of Fox News’ Dominion voting system case.

The right-wing media could eventually be held responsible for his dangerous lies, defamation and incitement.

The decision against Alex Jones could be a turning point where the right-wing media will ultimately have to pay the price for their destruction.

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