Alec Baldwin fired from an identified gun

It’s official. The revolver that Baldwin fired that killed Halina Hutchins and wounded Joel Souza was an F.lli Pietta 45 Long Colt revolver.

Watch a video on how this works:

This is a single action revolver. This means you have to manually cock it every time you fire it. There is no way to accidentally catch fire. You have to hammer the cock and then put your finger on the trigger. (The gun, if loaded, can be shot if you hit the hammer with any kind of club, but it is also a purposeful act.) If you pick it up and the hammer is de-cocked, it will not shoot.

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Also look carefully at how it is loaded. You need to leave the hammer half behind and open the loading gate. The cylinder stays in place. To make a round insert in each chamber you must rotate it.

This is a huge amount of negligence. You must remove the rounds to inspect the revolver to make sure there is no live ammunition and inspect each before re-inserting. It is now quite clear that those who operated the revolver did not follow this basic rule of gun safety. Baldwin may have fired the rounds that killed the cinematographer, but he is the small chain in the larger chain of custody. It seems that the assistant director bears the biggest legal risk. We’ll see.

I want to clarify an important point that many have made in the comments. The last person holding the gun is responsible for determining whether it has been loaded. Baldwin is not just an actor. He is ultimately responsible for ensuring the producer and the rules are followed. But I’m afraid he’ll argue that he relied on the assistant director and that this could persuade a left-wing prosecutor to cut some slack. This is what I mean by “small chains in a large chain of custody”.

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