Aina opens access to its blockchain blogging platform for everyone

Ethereum-based decentralized blogging platform Mirror has opened its doors to the general public after just a few months of vote-based contributions.

Mirror was launched in December 2020 to publish selected authors on a decentralized blogging platform. Contributors can gain access by selecting only ten content creators per week and voting in the weekly contest using the platform’s local token WRITE.

In an October announcement, the Mirror said it has now shut down the system and opened the Ethereum to anyone, including the address and wallet. Unlike most large commercial blogging platforms that sell ads for traffic generated by content, publishers in Mirror control their own content because it is stored in a decentralized blockchain rather than the company’s servers.

That content is cryptographically secure so cannot be modified or corrupted and users can leave the platform with all their data if they no longer want to be part of it. The Mirror team details:

“Mirror has evolved from a tool for writers to a full-stack Web 3 creative suite for the community and DAO.”

Once an Ethereum Wallet is connected, users can start creating content and embedding media blocks like videos, iframes, social media posts, NFTs, auctions and crowdfunds. Blogs can also be imported from other platforms such as Medium or Substack.

Mirror users can share and fund their own work using the integration of platforms and Etherium addresses.

Blogs can be identified as “entry editions” of the platform, a way for users to create and potentially monetize NFT content.

Industry leaders such as Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Butarin and several DAOs such as Aave Grants DAO have used the platform to publish content this year. In July, a documentary about the development of etherium collected 1,036 ETHs from the crowdfunding platform using Mirror.

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Content creators who used Mirror’s previous method, called WRITE Race, to allow authors to contribute will be given additional incentives such as stacking. The protocol’s native WRITE token, which was granted through the voting system to obtain publication power in the Mirror, has not yet been listed on major tracking websites or exchanges.

The project said it would integrate the Etherium Name Service (ENS) and introduce new features such as subscriptions, feeds and an improved editing interface.

This should not be confused with the DFI protocol called Mirror Finance which uses the MIR token ticker and enables the extraction of synthetic resources.

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