AGM Group has entered two new business lines, announcing strategic partnerships with HighSharp

China, September 29, 2021-AGM Group Holdings Inc. (“AGMH”) (Nasdaq: AGMH), an integrated technology company focused on advanced blockchain chip solutions, fintech software services and crypto-minor production, announced that An initial six-month strategic partnership agreement with Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, an integrated circuit designer that provides advanced semiconductor solutions for supercomputing hardware.

AGM Holdings & HighSharp: A partnership that can increase revenue

The terms of the High Sharp Partnership will enable AGMH to use the latest General Chips and manufacturing services. The agreement enables AGMH to order a minimum of 100 100 million over a six-month period. If the order exceeds the minimum target, the two teams will form a joint venture to research and develop next-generation products for premium semiconductor solutions of supercomputing hardware. With this announcement, AGMH has shifted its broad focus to new business lines, including ASIC chip research and development, and the production and sale of crypto mining equipment.

Genely Minor-C16 of Refined Business Growth and AGMH

AMGH has recently formed a new company growth strategy, combining experienced team members with extensive experience in performance chip design and blockchain applications. The company is exploring blockchain-based NFT and DFI technologies that create ecosystems around existing product delivery.

AGMH recently released its first ASIC crypto minor, the KOI Miner C16 (“C16”), which has a powerful matrix with a hashrate of 113TH / s and a power efficiency of 30J / T, reflecting the best performance in the class. The company also continues to diversify its clients, with many of C16’s clients coming from the United States and Canada, with minimal exposure to distinct policy-making effects (such as the recent development of China’s ban on bitcoin) and industry-leading practice.

About AGM Holdings (AGMH):

AGM Group Holdings Inc. The company is headquartered in Beijing, China, and provides chip design, chip research and development, and crypto mining hardware. AGM Group Holdings Inc. trades on NASDAQ (NASDAQ: AGMH) and provides fintech software services to complement blockchain based products. AGMH currently aims to be a key participant and contributor to the global blockchain ecosystem.

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