After the paid leave plan was cut, Biden promised that the spending proposal would be restructured.

Democrats are likely to abandon plans to include an expensive new federal entitlement program – paid family vacation – to try to cut the overall cost of President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan.

Biden’s plan calls for a federal paid leave program that will replace up to 85 percent of a worker’s salary for 12 weeks each year (that percentage falls for higher paid workers). Workers can access the paid leave program if they have children, care for an elderly or sick relative, or recover from a serious illness of their own.

The Congressional Budget Office has not made a formal assessment of how much the paid holiday program will cost, but a similar single proposal drawn up by Democrats in 2019 carries a ্যের 547 billion price tag in 10 years. This has made Biden’s offer of paid leave one of the more expensive shells. Even after Democrats tried to cut benefits by reducing the deadline to just four weeks instead of 12, the price tag was still over 300 billion, Politico Reported earlier this month.

In the end, the high cost seems to have ruined that aspect of Biden’s plan.

At the root of the problem facing Democrats at the moment is the basic budget math that is commonly overlooked in Washington. Sen. Joe Manchin (D–W.Va.) says he is concerned about the trajectory of the national debt and will not support a social spending plan that relies on more debt. Democrats do not have a majority in the Senate without his support. So the plan should include adequate revenue offsets to pay for the proposed new expenditure — or, to adequately pay for them to satisfy Manchin.

But Democrats are moving away from the kind of large-scale tax increases needed to pay for the 3.5 3.5 trillion spending plan – such as the proposed “billionaire tax” on unrealistic capital gains, which was dropped Wednesday. As Because ‘Peter Suderman explains that the tax was a terrible idea (and even an unconstitutional one), but it reveals something about the underlying discussion of Biden’s plan to boycott:

It is certainly possible that while some agreements will still be negotiated, some other tax mechanisms or mechanisms will be found that can raise enough revenue to do tax-and-expense math work. But even if something passes in the end, the Democrats’ down-to-the-war struggle highlights the inherent political difficulty of raising taxes, even among a group that is nominally dedicated to the idea that higher taxes, especially on the rich and affluent, are a popular political good. And the reason for that inconvenience is not the instability of tax-hating Republicans, or the existence of a Senate filibuster, but the fact that Democrats have trouble garnering enough support from elected Democrats.

So, review: Don’t vote for Manchin to borrow more. Democrats can’t find votes for big tax hikes. The only remaining option, at that point, is to start hacking in terms of legal costs. That’s exactly what Democrats are doing, and that’s why they seem to be heading for a given holiday Cut The floor of the committee room.

Manchin stressed on Wednesday that his opposition to the new facility was at the root of concerns for the country’s long-term financial situation, citing the 29 29 trillion national debt and the inadequacy of the Trust Fund for Social Security and Medicare. “In good conscience, I have a hard time maximizing benefits যা that is, we can all agree that we want to get it and love to get it যখন when you can’t take care of what you have,” Manchin said.

Here’s the real kicker for progressives: Offering a paid holiday, although it can be expensive, is politically popular even among Republicans. If Sen. Carsten Gillibrand (D – NY), K. Has been champion in policy, On the Senate floor (co It is a process of payment), It is at least theoretically possible that such a bill would pass. Of course, it will be discussed, corrected and argued. Legislators need to legislate, in other words. But there are about 60 votes in the Senate for some forms of the federal paid leave program.

Instead, there will probably be no federal paid vacation program. And that’s at least partly because Democrats are trying to shift all their big ideas to individual items instead of trying to find a deal for them.

On the eve of the last deadline for the Senate vote, where does it leave Biden’s bill that doesn’t seem likely to happen? The president is scheduled to meet with congressional Democrats on Thursday to present a new framework. The Washington Post The promise “will win the support of all Democrats.” Meanwhile, New York Times He said the revised plan “could leave some complex issues unresolved, including how to pay for it.”

So yes.

One of the key rules of politics – and the political media, in particular – is that nothing ever goes as bad (or as good) as it seems. These are occupations where over-reacting is a way of life. That said, Ron Klein, the White House chief of staff (and longtime Biden’s confidante) here, retweeted Wednesday night. Judge for yourself how things are going right now at 1600 Pennsylvania Aven.

Free mind

Sen wrote a very wrong text for Tom Cotton (R-Arch.) National Review Protect qualified immunity. BecauseIts delivery helpfully suggests some corrections:

Read on The whole thing.

Free market

How to eat a whole year at 150 150 – until your stomach can handle it:

It all started on the first day of his internship in 2014, when Dylan noticed the rolling coasters of the Six Flag Magic Mountain from his new office window. Freshened up from college and already something like a coaster-fan, Dylan was considering the options for the annual pass of the Six Flags when he stumbled upon what his life contract might be – at a one-time fee of $ 150, he could eat two meals a day in the park all year round. Since his office was only a five-minute drive away, it was a no-brainer.

“This whole first year, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a grocery store,” he says. “I did it on time so I was able to get there during my lunch break, get back to work, then stop for dinner on the way home.”

For seven years of eating at Six Flag Food Court, Dylan has claimed that he saved enough to pay off his student debts, get married and buy a home. Read the full story in MEL Magazine.

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Facebook does not make people angry. Some people just shake.

• Another in-and-out burger joint has been shut down in California due to an “immediate health risk to the public” because the location will not check the status of their vaccines before serving them to customers.

Hong Kong has approved a new censorship law that prohibits content that Chinese officials believe could “endanger national security.”

• America desperately needs more workers, but federal officials ruined at least 400,000 visa slots in fiscal year ending September.

• Virginia’s gubernatorial election next week could provide a post-Trump roadmap for the GOP.

• Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre paid $ 600,000 in misappropriation from Mississippi.

You will have a big need … whatever you keep scorpions?

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