After meeting Pope Francis, Pelosi fled to the security services of the Church of Rome … (Hecklers?)

An announcement from the altar of a priest during the service said a “security problem” had persuaded Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), a notorious Catholic speaker, to flee a Catholic mass in Rome on Saturday. Epoch Times reporter Brie A. Dale posted a video clip of the announcement, adding that in public relations, hackers told Pelosi to leave. The priest mentioned that there was a “noise”, saying that Pelosi was supposed to do a lesson for the masses but he had to leave.

ROME – SpeakerPelopolis hacked St. Patrick’s Catholic American parish in Rome, causing him to abruptly leave the month he was attending. Polist Fr.

“You probably heard or saw the noise. Unfortunately, oh, I guess that’s a security issue, and sadly Speaker Pelosi and her husband had to leave. He was going to do our second lesson today. But, of course, his safety is paramount. Oh, but I think he will, I hope he likes this respectfully. Because, as I said, I was reading some of what I said yesterday. He’s here as part of Uh, preparing for Uh, gathering in Glasgow about climate change. He reiterated what Italian politicians have to say about the importance of listening, especially to young people … ”

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The security incident happened after Pelosi met with Pope Francis the day before.

“It was a spiritual, personal and official honor to be in the audience with His Majesty Pope Francis this morning.”

Pelosi’s remarks about meeting Pope Francis:

“It was a spiritual, personal and official honor to have the audience present with His Majesty Pope Francis this morning. His holiness leadership is a source of joy and hope for Catholics and all people, challenging each of us to be good servants of God’s creation, to work in the climate, to accept refugees, immigrants and the poor, and to recognize dignity and divinity among all.

“Holiness’s encyclopedia Loudato C’ is a powerful challenge for the world community to take decisive action on the climate crisis with a special focus on the most vulnerable communities. I would like to express my gratitude to those who are working on climate action in Congress for the extremely sacred moral transparency and urgency that is bringing to the climate crisis and how we have nurtured his speech at the 2015 joint session of Congress.

“Holiness instructs us to pay attention to the Gospel of Matthew serving the‘ least of these ’, especially picking up those who have been left out or left behind in the time of Kovid.

“In San Francisco, we are especially proud of Pope Francis, who shares the name of our city and whose St. Francis songs are our music. Lord, make me your channel of peace. Where there is darkness, we bring light. Where there is hatred, we bring love. Where there is despair, we bring hope. ”

Pelosi was in Rome to meet with the pope next month on a proposal for a UN meeting on “climate change” in Glasgow, Scotland.

Quotes from the Catholic News Service:

Pope Francis met privately with US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the Vatican in October, who was in Rome to speak at a meeting of legislators from around the world in preparation for the UN climate conference.

The Vatican released photos of Pelosi’s meeting with the pope, but Pope Francis gave no details of the clashes before addressing a pre-COP II parliamentary session.

… Because Pelosi supports legal abortion, his archbishop, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordilion, asked all Catholics and others to join the prayer and fasting campaign for the “conversion” of Pelosi.

Archbishop Cordilleon said in a statement on Sept. 2, “We need to change the hearts of our congressional representatives on this issue.

In his keynote address to fellow legislators around the world in Rome on Oct. 1, Pelosi said world governments need to take bold action when they meet for COP26 in their own country and in Glasgow, Scotland in November.

“Not going green in the future and (one) responding to the urgency of the climate crisis would be a neglect of our duty. It’s all about the children,” he said. “We will leave them a world where they can be healthy, where they can improve. And can reach their perfection. “

In his October address to members of parliament, Pope Francis spoke of the government’s “important and indeed, vital” role in slowing climate change and restoring a healthy environment …

Update: Video of the Pelosi-Pope meeting:

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