After a strange encounter, Queen Nyza hopes to get a gun license

Roommate, we can all agree that the world is as scary as it is beautiful. This applies regardless of your position in society. However, for celebrity-status people, fear can easily enter if someone from their fanbase (or not) does too much at the wrong time. The same thing happened with Queen Niger, who recently described in detail a nerve-wracking encounter with a strange man.

Quinn wrote on Twitter, “Well, as soon as I get my gun license, this is the second time a man has come to me and found my place for a strange conversation.”

Apparently, the R&B vocalist came out to catch a bite to eat. While she was waiting for her food in her car, a stranger approached her window.

“I’m waiting for a food order and she’s walking right under my window and saying” Orange sweater … I noticed your shoes matched your sweater !? Like WTH, ”Rani tweeted.

Shortly after the tweet, people on social media started questioning why the Queen needed a gun for that meeting. So, after re-posting her original tweets to The Shade Room, the Queen gave us more insight into the comments section.

She described him as “an old strange man.” The queen continues to say that she “did not leave her window” and began to request from the singer. In addition to staring at him and telling him to pull off his mask, the man made “strange hand movements” and appeared as “reckless”.

In an initial tweet, the queen clarified what discomfort she had created about the situation.

“I hate that I automatically get nervous because of the stories of women who reject and kill someone. WHEW,” Queen shared.

The Queen is probably referring to the Mia Marcano case, which has surfaced in the headlines over the past two weeks. Mia went missing on September 24 after completing a work shift at the Arden Villas luxury apartment in Orlando, Florida – where she also lived.

Police found his body over the weekend, about 18 miles from the scene of the disappearance. An investigation revealed that a maintenance worker at the complex entered Mia’s apartment minutes after Mia’s shift ended. Police believe worker Armando Manuel Caballero was responsible for his death. Apparently, he showed a romantic interest in Mia, but he repeatedly denied her progress.

That said, anyone who thinks the Queen is taking her fears a little further said, “Stop guessing people exaggerate.”

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