Adam Schiff warns Trump that 1/6 witnesses are not off the table

1/6 Committee Member, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said the committee has not decided on Trump’s appeal, but no one is off the table.

Rep. Schiff’s video:

When asked about possible advice to Trump on MSNBC, Schiff said:

I do not know the answer That. In the end, it will be a The way we decide The committee and we will have chairs If it comes, announce it. But one thing we do too On uniforms, Democrats and Elected Republicans The committee is that no one is off Table. We will go where we need to go To get the evidence we need Presentation to the American people And write a confirmed report The terror of that day and what We have to protect The country is moving forward.

And the largest black Unknown terms The role of Donald Trump. We know he provoked Rebellion, but what was he Doing this day Rebellion? Why didn’t our troops come? Make the capital stronger Fast? And what did the president know? About the trend for Violence that day The presence of these whites Nationalist party. There are many unanswered Question

The message to Trump is that the committee will not be denied.

If the committee thinks Trump has evidence they can’t get anywhere else, he will be summoned. However, it would be a waste of time to bring in Trump, and if the committee could get evidence from other sources, he would not.

It’s good to hear that no decision has been made about Trump because that means the 1/6 committee is conducting a serious fact-finding investigation.

The committee is going where the evidence takes them, and if that road leads to Trump, he won’t be spared a Sopenna.

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