Adam Schiff tells Trump and his enemies it is now a new world and crime charges are coming

1/6 Committee Member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said the criminal case is faster than the civil case and warned Trump and his friends that it is now a new world.

Chairman Schiff’s video:

When asked about the possibility of questioning Steve Bannon, Schiff told CNN’s Jim Acosta:

I think there are possibilities Actually very good. And if we were going that way Civil litigation, as we had To the last time Administration causes time The last administration, jThere was a usage section Basically to serve needs Donald Trump, not representing Public interest. And they weren’t about File lawsuits against people for covering up For Donald Trump.

But this is a new world now. We are not going to choose To go the civil way. We are now Tuesday The night will be taken a Criminal contempt report. It will be accepted later In the House of Representatives. It will be sent to the judge Department for Prosecution.

And that’s a much faster, much farther away More serious remedies. And the truth is that if justice The department sued Steve Bannon, see other witnesses They will face real consequences Including prison time Possible harsh fines. It’s a way to get there People’s attention. Bannon is an important witness His own right, but also that Sending a message is important The rule of law is back and People have to pay Attention.

Chairman Schiff is an expert. He highlighted an important point that most media coverage is being omitted. Criminal trials are fast. This is a different process. If the judiciary acts quickly and every initial indication that they will, it will not be months or years, but weeks, of criminal charges against Steve Bannon.

A U.S. attorney will take the case to a grand jury and they will issue a charge sheet.

There will be no drag on the pace of the debate and court dates.

One suspects that once Bannon is seen sitting in a prison cell, he is going to sing.

There is no longer a dose for Trump and his friends to run the intervention.

This is a new world, and the 1/6 Committee is going to bring back the rule of law.

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