Adam Schiff stunned corporate media by calling Republicans Trump an authoritarian cult

Chair of the House Intelligence Committee and 1/6 committee member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) says the Republican Party is now Trump’s authoritarian religion.


Transcript via Face the Nation:

Margaret Brennan: Okay, but the challenge is when you’re just doing it on the party line, it’s looking at the people at home again, they can’t be with them, Washington isn’t working again.

Representative Adam Schiff: Well, look, we have a Republican party that is now an authoritarian party that surrounds Donald Trump. It is not interested in governance. It is also not interested in maintaining the country’s prosperity and creditworthiness. And we have to admit that they are not interested in governance. And so, we’re going to rule, we have to do it. And if we have to do it on our own vote, we will do it. But we need to show that by distributing democracy, it can help put people on the table, and it can eliminate this huge income inequality.

Part of what the American people can believe is that neither side can be together is that the media likes to tell the story of American politics.

The mainstream media never tells the American people that the country has a political party and an authoritarian religion that is bent on destroying democracy.

Schiff represents why democracy is in danger. Yet, the corporate media is trying to make the threat look like a normal narrative with its politics.

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