Ada Hagerberg says Chelsea’s boss Emma Hayes is “absolutely right” to criticize the Euro 2022 prize money. Football news

Ballon d’Or winner Ada Hagerberg has told UEFA that she fully supports Chelsea manager Emma Hayes in the line-up for the 2022 European Championship.

UEFA recently announced that the prize money for next summer’s tournament – which will be held in England – has increased from 6. 96.9m to .7 13.7m for the 16 participating countries.

But the amount is a fraction of the 7 317m that was divided between the 24 teams at the men’s Euro 2020 Championships.

Hayes criticized the New Women’s Award fund, saying it was not “close” to the need, and that Hagerberg agreed with Chelsea’s boss.

Hagerberg said, “Emma Hayes made a comment on that and she’s absolutely right.”

“I am a player and from my point of view my job is to perform. But what is important about this is that we are not in a position where we should be grateful for what we are given.

Hayes criticized the new Women’s Awards fund, saying it was ‘nowhere near what it needs’

“I know there’s nothing to follow except performance, but that doesn’t mean you have to be grateful. Some things should be minimal.”

Hagerberg’s comments carry significant weight. The two-year-old Norwegian, a five-time Champions League winner with Lyon, made history in 2018 when she became the first woman to receive a Ballon d’Or.

The forward, who holds the record for most goals in the Champions League, has been sidelined for almost two years due to a series of injuries.

However, he will be in Lyon’s squad for the opening match of the European campaign against Hacken in Sweden on Tuesday.

“I’m going to be honest, it was very difficult and emotionally challenging,” Hagerberg said, reflecting on his 20-month recovery from injury.

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Ballon d’Or winner Hagerberg has been sidelined for almost two years due to a series of injuries.

“But I look at it in a positive light. I grew up incredibly as a woman and as a footballer and it gives me strength for years to come because it has shaped me.

“I have missed football, the fans, my teammates and I will never take football for granted. I am excited, excited and ready to prepare myself for the next part of my career.”

Hayes’ Chelsea lost to Barcelona in last season’s final, while in Group A Wolfsburg, Juventus and the Swiss team drew with Servet. Arsenal will play Barcelona, ​​Hoffenheim and Denmark’s HB Cog in their group matches.

All games1 will be shown live following a landmark agreement with streaming platform Dajon and partner YouTube.

Hagerberg added, “I think we’ve been ready for this opportunity for years.” “It’s a huge deal and I’m excited.

“It provides us with a platform and puts a positive pressure on us so that we can perform, train hard and that’s what I always focus on – how we can improve the game and stay on top.”

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