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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is deeply sorry to rewrite a famous quote from the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg to make it gender neutral.

“It was a mistake in the digital team,” said Anthony Romero, executive director of ACLU. “Changing quotes is not something we’ve ever done.”

Until last week, that was: On September 1, ACLU’s Twitter feed published one of RBG’s most notable comments about abortion. The venerable feminist legal icon said that “the decision to have or not to have children is central to a woman’s life” and that the government should not take this decision out of a woman’s hands.

But according to modern progressive commentary, it is an anacronism to claim that only women can give birth, since transgender men can also become pregnant. The ACLU has changed something like this:

Whatever the rapidly evolving demands of progressive leaders on one’s position and conscious language selection on trance issues, it is wrong to go back in time and pretend that people use different words. Demands for greater sensitivity should not be requested for a literal rewrite of history. The leaders of progressive thought in the recent past have acknowledged the fundamental differences between men and women, otherwise it is unreasonable to pretend otherwise, and to obscure this fact by changing the discourse they use.

Moreover, although this is not the biggest problem so far, it rarely assures the concern that the ACLU is definitely going to shut down. Famous for its policy commitment to protect civil liberties, the organization seems to have been caught by increasingly indifferent young progressives who are transforming it into another liberal group. While the old ACLU has always been keen to protect the rights of disrespectful individuals, the new ACLU is a bit more cautious about taking cases that could hurt liberal feelings. Similarly, the old ACLU বা or really any self-respecting non-Soviet organization কঠিন is hard to imagine-rubbing quotes from old heroes so that they are less aggressive in waking up militarily.

At least the ACLU admits that the RBG tweet was a mistake, although Romero’s apology was a weak one. He also informed New York TimesMichelle Goldberg said that “after spending time with Justice Ginsberg, I want to believe that if he were alive today, he would encourage us to develop a language that embraces a broader view of gender, identity and sexuality.” In response, Goldberg quipped: “It’s also a matter of him talking about women in particular for some reason.” Even if the “infamous” RBG doesn’t live up to today’s standards, progressives may need to verify the reality.

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