According to Republican Ted Liu, innate insults can come to Trump and his friends

Monday, Rep. Ted Liu (D-CA) explained his underlying contempt bill that would fine Trump and his friends $ 100,000 if they disobeyed a congressional subpoena.

Delegate’s video:

Correspondent Liu told MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace on the deadline: “The White House,I hope Division Justice steve bannon suit With this referral Criminal contempt. My fear is Steve Bannon It will simply sue, Appeal to the Supreme Court And two years later we get A decision and he can run Watch out. So I introduced myself The law which hUse of delegates Run what is called instinct Hate. We could witness up to the fine ,000 100,000 for disobedience Subponas Then we’ll see how Steve Bannon would like a fine $ 100,000. “

Asked if he had the support to pass the bill, Republican Liu replied, “I do Believe me I do It has been co-authored by Numerous members of Congress Already I also note that S is not required for thisVote. It just changes the house Rules So we can make it quite effective Fast “

If the DOJ does not judge, the House needs a backup plan

Note that Liu’s bill does not require a Senate vote because it does not involve keeping Trump’s friends in the Capitol prison. A Senate vote will be needed to detain those found guilty of contempt, and a Senate vote will simply not happen.

It would be better if the fines of the Republican Liu Bill were higher. Steve Bannon has money. He may not have thought about the 100,000 fine. A fine of one million dollars will attract anyone’s attention.

Rep. Lieu’s bill has some teeth, and if Merrick Garland’s DOJ throws the ball to judge Steve Bannon, it would be a fine backup plan.

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