Abdul Qadir Khan, the father of Pakistan’s nuclear program, has died at the age of 85

“AQ Khan is betraying your country,” Mr Tennett told the Pakistani leader. “He stole some of your nation’s sensitive privacy and sold them to the highest bidders.” In his own memoirs, Mr. Musharraf called the moment “deeply embarrassing.”

On January 1, 200, the government of Pakistan, Dr. Dismissed Khan. Shortly afterwards, he announced that he had agreed to assist Iran, North Korea and Libya in their nuclear weapons program. He admitted on national television four days later that his job was that of a rogue scientist and that his government had not approved the sale or transfer of weapons technology. The explanation was not widely accepted outside Pakistan.

President Musharraf Dr. Khan was publicly pardoned, who suspected that he had personally benefited from his transaction. But he said the country’s top nuclear scientist would spend the rest of his days under house arrest.

Abdul Qadir Khan was born on 1 Bh5 or 136 in Bhopal, India; Date uncertain. He grew up in Pakistan, which was originally formed as a result of the partition of India in 1 Muslim.

In 1974, he was working in Amsterdam for a company that enriched uranium for the European Atomic Energy Agency. That same year, Pakistan’s regional rival India tested its first nuclear weapon.

Shortly afterwards, Dr. Khan returned home with two sets of blueprints for making centrifuges to enrich uranium. According to a subsequent investigation by the Dutch government, these were the first in a series of designs and technologies for nuclear weapons that Dr Khan Khan refined from abroad.

“They were importing materials and, in fact, designs, which were stolen from the Dutch,” said Arthur W. Hummel Jr., the American ambassador to Pakistan from 1981, in an oral history interview. “Together they were setting up a‘ cascade ’of very high-speed centrifuges where you put very rare, low-pressure uranium in gaseous form. You ran this cascade for a long time – months and years – and you finally got very high enriched uranium, “an important element for the atomic bomb.

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